The Benefits of Using Wave Makers in Your Aquarium

The Benefits of Using Wave Makers in Your Aquarium

Wavemakers are essential fans that push and pull water to create a constant flow. While they’re not essential for every tank, if used the right way, they can mimic the natural waves found in your fish’s natural environment. If you’re torn as to whether you should install one in your aquarium, here are the top three benefits of using wave makers in your aquarium.

Oxygenate the Water

Wavemakers are one of the top tools fish hobbyists use to improve the water circulation in aquariums. Aerating the water in your aquarium ensures your fish can breathe properly. While you can use devices like air stones, power heads, and other aerating decorations, wavemakers move the entire body of water as opposed to a smaller portion.

The movement that the wavemaker provides ensures oxygen flows throughout the tank consistently. This oxygenation also helps the growth of plants. In general, wave makers can be used in freshwater tanks, planted tanks, and reef tanks. As long as your fish are strong enough to swim in the flowing water, you can install a wave maker in almost any tank.

Keep Your Fish Happy and Healthy

Wavemakers are great at keeping your fish moving. In nature, your fish swim against some form of current or wave, even if the movement is minimal. Installing a wavemaker recreates their natural environment and can improve the general mood and health of your fish. It’s also a good tool for fish hobbyists who want to recreate the natural habitat of their fish as closely as possible.

Prevent Detritus Buildup

Detritus is any waste matter produced by your fish, and the accumulation of this waste can cause nitrite levels to shoot up and potentially make your fish very sick. Many fish hobbyists have “clean-up crews” in their aquariums, such as shrimp, snails, and other algae and detritus eaters. However, you can’t rely solely on the tank’s inhabitants to manage detritus buildup. Wavemakers consistently move the water, ensuring that buildup does not occur in hard-to-reach areas.

Now that you know the benefits of using wave makers in your aquarium, you’re better equipped to provide your fish with the environment they need to live happy, healthy, and long lives.

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