The Benefits of Contactless Parking During COVID

contactless payment systems

Did you know that contactless payment systems are becoming extremely popular during the pandemic?

COVID has changed the world in many ways, and it’s currently making people afraid to leave their homes. Because of this, businesses that charge for parking services are losing revenue because no one is using them. However, you can do several things to change this.

The main problem that’s preventing people from entering paid parking lots is having to interact with people to get a ticket. If you implement contactless payment systems, people will feel more confident in using your service.

So what are the benefits of contactless payments systems? Read on to find out.


One of the main benefits of contactless payment systems is being able to pay for parking as quickly as possible. In places like large cities, parking can be a hassle. When a quick payment method is available, it makes things much easier because people can get to where they need to quickly.

All you need to do is use your smartphone to make a payment. Some places may have things like keycard readers if you frequent them. This is common in workplaces that limit parking-access to employees. Whether you need to pay with your smartphone or use a keycard reader, you can expect to get in within seconds.


A contactless payment system is much cheaper than traditional payment systems. Traditional ones require printing paper and having employees. When companies can reduce spending on payment systems, customers don’t have to pay as much to get a parking spot.

Using a digital parking system also prevents theft. This makes companies less likely to increase charges because people can’t make payments or file complaints. Because many payment systems take place over the smartphone, you won’t have to worry about handling a wallet in public. 


A contactless mobile payment system offers a convenient way to park without the need to introduce a variety of steps. For example, traditional parking requires you to pay someone at a booth and have them grant you access. During major events, you may need to be redirected to a specific spot that an employee gives you.

When using a contactless payment system, drivers can pay within seconds and go directly to their spot. They can also pay ahead of time so that they don’t need to get stopped when arriving at the parking lot. Many customers value this convenience, so companies should invest in contactless payments


Digital parking is one of the most secure ways to pay for parking because it doesn’t require you to handle physical money. Customers are more likely to pay for parking when they know they’re safe. Contactless payments are something that every company should implement if they want to bring more revenue from parking.

Another thing that makes digital parking secure is being able to track purchases. When a customer purchases a parking space, they’ll have proof that they paid for it. If they run into problems, you can take appropriate action while trusting their word. Customers will also enjoy being offered things like refunds and parking passes if they have problems.

Enhanced User Experience

When offering any type of digital service, one of your priorities should be enhancing the user experience. Offering an improved user experience will make customers more comfortable using your service. However, it will require you to implement things like contactless payments.

The combination of paperless parking tickets, notifications, choosing a spot, and more will satisfy customers. This will then encourage them to keep coming back. Without contactless payment, you’ll be putting customers through the same processes that they’re trying to get away from when it comes to parking.

Reduced Traffic

Contactless payment systems make tracking parking spaces easier because you can see which space is reserved by a customer. This will drastically reduce traffic in the parking lot because customers can see available spots before they get there, letting them choose their route.

Having low congestion in the parking lot is something that customers seek, so you should implement a 3D map system for them to visualize available spaces.

With reduced traffic, you’ll also avoid having the parking lot full of emissions, which can turn customers away. The less amount of time a driver has to spend to get to their spot, the less pollution your parking lot will cause.

No Need to Interact with Someone

During the pandemic, many people are worried about interacting with others in public unless they have to. Because many traditional parking spots require face-to-face interaction, many people are hesitant about going to public parking lots. 

Implementing a common contactless payment system allows drivers to avoid people whenever possible. The only time a customer may need to speak to someone is if your parking lot is full and they’re having a hard time getting out. However, entering the lot and getting to their parking space shouldn’t require talking to anyone.

Start Implementing Contactless Payment Systems Today

After reading this article, you should be confident that contactless payment systems will improve your parking lot. Whether you own a business that revolves around parking lot revenue or you need a safe way to provide parking to customers, you should use a contactless payment system.

We encourage you to start thinking about the layout of your parking lot so that you can make a virtual map of it. From there, you can implement digital tolls for people to pay and scan keycards. With a contactless mobile payment system, you’ll bring in more revenue while keeping drivers safe during the pandemic.

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