The 5 Most Unique Funeral Venues

The 5 Most Unique Funeral Venues

Most funerals maintain traditional features, taking place in funeral homes or religious venues. Though traditional services are honorable and the most popular approach to commemorating a loved one, there are ways to personalize their service that are a bit more out of the box. One aspect of the funeral service that can make it more memorable is where you hold it. If you’re responsible for planning funeral arrangements for a loved one and want to make them more specific to the deceased, consider the following five most unique funeral venues. Holding memorial services at one of these spaces is sure to make the day more special.

A Ballpark

Was your loved one a committed baseball fan? Or perhaps they had a knack for the sport themselves? Either way, if the deceased had an affinity for baseball, consider celebrating their life how they’d want to—at the ballpark with family and friends.

The Beach

For individuals who admired the waters, you can hold their memorial at the beach. Whether they worked on a lake or loved beach trips in the summer, the combination of sun, sand, and crashing waves will create a more serene environment.

Funeral Planning Must:Always check the weather in advance for a beach-held service. Provide plenty of water to guests and put up a canopy to offer shade. You should have a backup venue in mind should the weather get out of hand or the heat become unbearable.

A National or State Park

If taking in nature was what your loved one enjoyed most, plan for a celebration of life at a national or state park. Out of the five most unique funeral venues, a national park is the most scenic. Immerse yourself in nature to honor your loved one.

Funeral Planning Consideration: With national and state parks, you have quite a few options for the service. You can partake in a picnic around camping sites or venture the paths.

A Boat

Explore the waters with your family and friends to commemorate your loved one. Go on a sightseeing tour, sunrise or sunset cruise, or enjoy some fishing. If you had the deceased cremated, you could combine the boat trip with an ash-scattering ceremony.

The Museum

Was your loved one the history or art buff? How about planning their funeral arrangements at the history or art museum? You can take in their favorite historical or art pieces as an homage to their life.

Funeral Planning Consideration: For more privacy and intimacy, consider renting or reserving a meeting room or hall if the museum has them. You and your guests can explore the exhibits before or after the service. Also, if your looking for planning a funeral in Bristol so, contact Brunel Funeral Directors for best funeral management.

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