The 5 Most Common Construction Site Injuries

The 5 Most Common Construction Site Injuries

Without construction workers, we wouldn’t have our schools, communities, shops, and other buildings. Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions, so supervisors should do all they can to ensure their construction sites run smoothly and safely.

Using heavy machinery and constructing large structures can lead to many accidents and injuries for the workers—even with safety precautions. Interestingly, some accidents are more prevalent than others. Here are the top five most common construction site injuries.


Electrocution is one of the most common construction site injuries. This could lead to nerve damage, severe burns, or cardiac arrest. Your construction site should have safety precautions that follow OSHA regulations to protect you from this injury.

Also, you should offer the proper training to ensure that all employees know the safety precautions of handling or working around highly energized parts.

Vehicle Accidents

Construction sites are often on busy highways and streets, meaning you must reroute or slow down traffic. Unfortunately, some drivers get frustrated with this accommodation and drive recklessly. This action can severely injure or even kill a construction worker on site.

Falling on the Job

Falls are the most common construction site injury. This typically happens when a worker falls from ladders, roofs, scaffolding, etc. Most falls result from uneven surfaces, improper mounting, and improper dismounting. Depending on how far from the ground the worker falls, they can experience severe injuries. However, these falls are preventable with safety equipment and safety nets.

Machinery Accidents

Most of the equipment on a job site is hazardous—especially if you don’t receive proper handling training. Construction workers need to operate heavy machinery. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen despite all training efforts. Sometimes, machines will malfunction, which can hurt someone in the process. So strict equipment maintenance is also vital.

Getting Caught Between Materials

Another common construction site injury occurs when a worker gets caught between two or more construction materials or objects. This can happen if someone on your team isn’t paying attention to their surroundings. If a vehicle pins someone against the wall or a body part is crushed by heavy construction materials, an individual can receive a serious injury. Training and constant caution are necessary to prevent such circumstances.

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