Steel vs Brass Ammo: What You Need to Know

Steel vs Brass Ammo

Shopping for ammo is a significant part of preparing for hunting season, but you will only have the success you’re dreaming of if you have the right kinds of ammo. More than 15 million hunters across the United States of America head into nature to hunt for animals and harvest their meat. The wrong kinds of rifle ammo will result in animal cruelty and a negative hunting experience.

Two primary options to consider when you’re shopping for ammo are brass ammo and steel ammo. Each option brings benefits worth considering, but you must know the pros and cons of each before spending your hard-earned money.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about the benefits of brass ammo for your hunting and self-defense needs. Keep reading to learn more today!

Brass Ammo Benefits

The most unique trait that brass ammo provides over steel ammo is its malleability. The malleability of brass cartridges makes them fire in a much more even fashion during the shooting process. Thanks to the brass casing with your ammo, you can trust that each shot will be balanced and accurate.

Another benefit of brass ammo is the ability to reload it for future use. Brass’s malleability makes it safe and efficient to load your own ammo, helping you save money and help the environment.

You can also count on brass ammo to stand up to the elements well. It brings natural corrosion resistance to the table, preventing unwanted damage to your ammo and firearms. Buying 10mm brass is a great way to prepare for hunting season.

Steel Ammo Benefits

The main benefit of purchasing steel ammo over brass ammo is the cost. Steel ammo, on average, is much more affordable than brass ammo. You’ll pay significantly less money when you purchase steel ammo over brass ammo at the store.

Some firearms also function more efficiently when you use steel ammo rather than brass ammo. Guns that use the 7.62x39mm round function much better with steel than brass ammo, so knowing the kinds of rifle ammo your firearm requires is crucial if you want a positive shooting experience.

Steel rounds are designed with a stronger taper to the casing compared to brass ammo since it creates less friction within the firearm. The decreased friction allows each round to work through the magazine and into the rifle with ease. You’ll also have greater peace of mind that each round will eject without jamming your firearm when you need it most.

Start Shopping for Brass Ammo Today

Using brass ammo is a wise move whether your aim is self-defense or big-game hunting. Brass ammo benefits include the ability to recycle your casings and use them in the future, and better moisture resistance, thanks to brass’s corrosion-resistant nature. Steel is less expensive, making it a viable option if you’re hunting on a budget, though you should make sure your rifle works well with steel ammo before using it.

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