SSC CGL Preparation Strategy for Beginners

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy

A swarm of graduates in India have set their heart on the burning desire of cracking the SSC exams. The Staff Selection Commission of India is the managing body of these exams. Cracking the SSC exams can help you secure a prominent job position in departments or ministries of government. Without a doubt, cracking any SSC exam is a tough row to hoe. But, you can make it simple by following a systematic study schedule. Preparing for the exam with unswerving dedication and determination can help you clear any SSC exam in a single go. 

Among other SSC exams, most of the candidates appear for the SSC CGL exam. Every year lakhs of youngsters join a crew of SSC CGL aspirants. A majority of them are oblivious to the efficacious tips that can help them prepare for the exam. In this article you are going to find some magical tips that can guide you to study for the SSC CGL exam. These tips can work wonders for candidates who are neophytes to government exam preparation. 

We have jotted down some fruitful tips that can help beginners to prepare for the SSC CGL exam:

  1. Have insight into exam details

Before you start preparing for the exam, know the exam details. Note that SSC CGL exam is conducted in four phases namely Tier-I, Tier-II, Tier-III & Tier-IV. Every tier of the exam has a different exam syllabus and pattern. So, you should be well-versed with the exam syllabus and pattern. The reliable source to get information about the latest exam syllabus and pattern is the official website of SSC. This information can help you to make a suitable study structure for yourself. 

  1. Devise a suitable timetable

The first and foremost thing you need to do while preparing for the exam is making a suitable timetable. Note that you have to set a plan in such a way that you can cover the entire syllabus in a maximum of three months. Also, you have to study for every tier of the exam simultaneously. Additionally, don’t study continuously for 7-8 hours. Instead, study regularly for 50 minutes followed by a 15 minutes break. Having short breaks can help you to refresh your brain and save it from getting jammed. 

  1. Select appropriate set of books

Study material acts as backbone while preparing for the SSC CGL exam. So, make sure you pick those books that cover the entire syllabus of the exam. There are various online portals that offer ample study material. Nevertheless, that material is questionable. It’s better to seek advice from candidates who have already cleared the SSC CGL exam. Also, don’t try to collect a jumble of books. Doing this can only confuse you extremely. 

  1. Practice as many mock tests as you can

Practicing regularly can refine your knowledge on specific subjects. The best way to practice a variety of questions for the SSC CGL exam is solving mock tests. Do you know what mock tests are basically? These are sample papers that are designed as per actual exam pattern and syllabus. Practicing mock tests can help you replicate the experience of the actual exam. Therefore, you can gather enough courage to appear for the exam. Additionally, solving mock tests can aid in lowering the risk of negative marking in the exam. 

  1. Have a look at previous year papers

Going through the previous year papers can help you judge the type of questions asked in the exam. Additionally, it can help you to scrutinize the difficulty level of the exam. More often than not, questions come repeatedly in the SSC exams. Thus, solving previous year papers can also help in improving the overall scores in your exam. So, you can solve at least two previous year question papers in a day to polish your potential. Chances are you’ll be able to crack the exam in one fell swoop. 

  1. Magnify your general knowledge

General knowledge is a vast subject and you can’t prepare for it in a day. If you want to excel in this section, dedicate at least three months to it. The best ways to prepare for the general knowledge section is by reading a newspaper daily or following a reliable news channel. Furthermore, you can buy a monthly magazine that states the current affairs of the whole month. There are many current affairs apps that can help you get the latest news. The best part of these apps is that they provide daily quizzes. Solving these quizzes can improve your general knowledge. 

  1. The more you write the better you understand

Ingrain the habit of writing while learning. Brain can easily retain information when you write something by hand. This way you can prepare notes of every subject. While preparing notes you can write every concept or topic in a simple language. It is advisable to prepare your own notes, instead of borrowing from someone else. The best part of notes is that you use them to revise important concepts during the last hours of preparation. 

  1. Seek help from a reliable source

Some candidates are proficient in preparing for the exam by relying on self study. On the other hand, some need proper nourishment. A majority of candidates prepare for the SSC CGL exam with the help of a coaching institute. Therefore, coaching plays a vital role in exam preparation. So, it is essential to choose an ideal institute that has good experience in catering classes for government exams. If you are planning to crack the SSC CGL exam, then join a respectable institute that offers excellent SSC coaching in Chandigarh


We hope that this article can help the candidates who are preparing for the SSC CGL exam. Aforementioned are some suitable tips that can help candidates in studying for the SSC exams. Apart from following the above points, candidates should remain cool and calm during their preparation phase. Developing a positive attitude in yourself can help you navigate through the tough phases of the exam. Thus, you can follow the above tips religiously to clear the SSC CGL exam with golden scores. 

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