Some common mistakes to avoid before buying Jewellery

buying Jewellery

No doubt that jewellery purchase is amongst the toughest kinds of shopping. The purpose of buying it may be just a gift for loved ones, a simple occasion or important events like an engagement or a wedding, either yours or someone close to you. And pieces of jewellery are, in most cases, an emotional purchase. It is something that you don’t do regularly, so you won’t be willing to make mistakes and regret them later. So, we have made a list of common mistakes that you should avoid while buying jewellery. 

1. Not sticking to the budget

Yes, it is right that the more you spend the more quality and beauty you will get. But, that’s not a reason to go out of your budget. Sometimes, you get mind-blowing pieces that are cost-effective too. And, this is what you should consider most when shopping for marriage events. You need to invest a lot for these and might be regretting not sticking to your budget, and sometimes not even preparing. To manage every part of a wedding, you have to plan your budget so that everything stays balanced and you miss nothing. For instance, say an engagement. Decide what you can afford for it, and then look for some cost-effective Hatton Gardens engagement rings

2. Going easy with quality

As said earlier, you aren’t buying Jewellery again and again. You invest with so much expectation of quality and durability. That’s why you need to inspect everything at the time of purchase only. That will be a huge mistake to ignore quality assurance. And, if you don’t know how to identify poor-quality jewels, here are some manufacturing defects that you can notice merely with a closer look or a touch: 

    • Rough and pinched look in necklaces and bracelets

    • Improper mounting on rings

    • Too much glue or solder

    • missing components 

    • Poor finish with scratches and dents

    • Designs and patterns not aligned properly

If you find any of these defects on your jewellery piece, then it already speaks of inferior quality, and you got to leave it and look for something else. 

3. Not checking the authenticity

Now, if the construction seems okay, go ahead with an authenticity check. Many jewellers out there are selling fake gems. You may buy an expensive piece and find that only its top surface is coated with authentic mental, and below it is just some cheap metal. 

The first way to be safe from such issues is by choosing a reputable store. Never hesitate to ask for advice from your friends or relatives. If they know a jeweler who is delivering the right products, that can be easy for you, and you won’t be wandering for a trustworthy shop. 

Here are some signs that can alert you regarding the authenticity of a jewellery piece:

    • Unbelievably low price and bargaining options from a quality-promising jeweller

    • No return option; especially when you’re buying online without knowing the seller in


    • Fake brand tags which can be identified by carefully checking fonts and spellings

    • No hallmark present, which is a must to guarantee the purity of metals like gold, silver,

Platinum, etc. 

4. Not trying a price comparison

Be it online or offline, when you find several ornaments of your liking, don’t buy them right away. Instead, compare prices of the same piece on different sites or stores. Due to competition among e-commerce stores, you can really find unexpected offers on one that is not available on another. And that can be fruitful for you even if the discount or prices have a small difference. You can also search for a piece in e-stores that you saw on offline ones and then compare their prices.  

Now that you know what mistakes you need to avoid, we hope that you won’t make hasty decisions and fall for any fake jeweller. However, not every seller is a fraud, and some jewellers in Hatton Garden are providing customers with excellently reliable services. 

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