Simple and Easy Home Remedies for a Cough

Simple and Easy Home Remedies for a Cough

No one likes having a bad cough, especially if it hurts your throat, making you want to cough more. That’s why the thought of soothing your throat is so appealing when you start having coughing fits. While there’s prescription medicine for coughs, you can often get the same results with these easy coughing home remedies.

Ginger Drinks and Meals

Ginger is a great cough suppressant if you add it to your food or drinks. Eating raw ginger doesn’t have much effect on coughs, but it can work well in drinks and meals. Ginger has a long history in home medical practice but hasn’t had the same history in Western medicine.

Eat Honey

Unlike ginger, honey is a great suppressant in both its raw form and as an ingredient. The liquid food can do a lot to lower inflammation and soothe your throat. People throughout history used raw honey in many ways for coughs and colds.

A Pot of Tea

Tea is another great drink that can help soothe your throat, especially if it’s hot when you drink it. The heat and active ingredients can soothe your throat and wet a dry throat. While it won’t cure the cause of the cough, it may relieve the symptoms for a while.

Steam It Out

Many people swear by steaming out their cough symptoms, as the steam rehydrates the throat. However, steam can be difficult to use as it’s quite hot, and inhaling too much can cause more coughing and throat irritation. It can be very useful for clearing out phlegm and mucus if you’re struggling with it.

Hard Candy

Sometimes, your throat just itches, and you need to fix it on the go. Popping in a hard candy can provide relief for your throat while the candy is in your mouth. This is a simple home remedy for a cough, but it doesn’t provide the same benefits for bad coughs.

While many people report that these methods are helpful for their coughs and dry throats, they don’t all have the backing of the scientific or medical community at large. Always talk to a medical professional before treating something with a home remedy, and make sure it’s a safe practice for you before committing to it.

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