Safety Tips for Using an Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine

Safety Tips for Using an Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine

Securing pallets with an industrial shrink wrap machine cuts down on time and improves the quality of how you apply the shipping material. However, working with heavy equipment poses hazards to workers who do not pay attention to proper maintenance and handling techniques. Implement the following safety measures to prevent injuries and mistakes on the job.

Never Put Overweight Items on the Platform

Overweighing the platform could damage not only the products you are wrapping, but also the machine. When a pallet overhangs on the platform, it can hit the sides of the device or the base. In this case, you can either downsize your load or consider purchasing a machine that can handle heavier boxes and items.

Perform Routine Maintenance

To ensure the equipment runs smoothly and without restraint, perform routine maintenance to keep it in working condition. The more you use the stretch wrapper, the more maintenance it will require. You may need to recalibrate for efficiency, lubricate moving parts, refresh oil, and more. Consult with the operator manual so you don’t miss an important step.

Shut Down When Not in Use

If you are having a slower day and don’t have as many pallets to wrap, shut down the equipment when you are no longer using it. This will conserve energy and save money for the company but will also prevent the industrial shrink wrap machine from moving unexpectedly. Be safe when servicing the stretch wrapper and use lock-out-tag-out while it’s off, so no other workers can accidentally turn it back on.

Stand Away From the Device

The machine operator must be standing the appropriate distance away from the device while it is wrapping a pallet. Advise workers to stay by the computer and not walk between the load and the machine mast. If your machine is automatic, close off the area so no additional employees can wander over and accidentally get caught in the plastic wrap.

Aside from the stretch wrapper, you may be using additional tools like shrink tape to ensure the credibility of the shipping material wrap-job. Safely using a shrink wrap heat gun is just as important as the machine itself. Be smart when operating dangerous equipment and remain up to date on the latest safety procedures and protocols.

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