Proper Ways To Care for Your Motorcycle in the Winter

Proper Ways To Care for Your Motorcycle in the Winter

The exciting investment of a motorcycle comes with the disappointment of caring for it in the wintertime. Many riders won’t take it out in the cold months and use it specifically for the warmer seasons. So it can be challenging to know what to do in the winter. It isn’t always as simple as parking the bike in the garage and waiting for spring. There are several ways to take care of it in the off-season.

Clean Your Bike Thoroughly

When it comes to some of the proper ways to care for your motorcycle in the winter, a good, thorough cleaning might seem obvious. You want to ensure you clean off any debris and grime because those things can eat away at the bike paint over the winter. Corrosion occurs when things go untouched. So washing and drying the bike with care can save this from happening.

Do Battery Care

Depending on the length of your storage, you can do one of two things: leave the battery on the bike or remove it altogether. And the decision to leave the battery on means you’ll need to charge it periodically while it’s in storage. This entails turning the bike on about every three to four weeks.

For long-term storage, entirely removing the battery is optimal. Ensure you store the battery in a location without fluctuating temperatures. It’s also advisable to hook it up to a trickle charger for the winter.

Eliminate Excess Weight

One of the most proper ways to care for your motorcycle in the winter is eliminating the weight off the tires and utilizing bike stands. This will help prevent flat spots and uneven tire wear.

If a bike stand isn’t an option, fill the tires to maximum PSI and rest it on a piece of plywood or carpeting. Rotate the tires every three to four weeks to prevent flat spots.

Invest in Storage

When selecting the right storage for your motorcycle, you must consider many factors. The most convenient solution is resting the bike in your garage on stands and protecting it with a bike cover. But some people invest in a heated storage unit with a padlock and tend to their unit regularly throughout winter.

Taking the risk of riding your bike through the winter months could result in a severe accident that requires legal help. To avoid potential litigation and protect your bike, take the necessary steps to care for it during the winter.

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