Perfect Venues: Reasons To Have a Barn Wedding

Perfect Venues: Reasons To Have a Barn Wedding

Scoping out the perfect venue for your wedding day takes time and research as you browse the many options in your desired location. Many couples choose to hold their ceremony and reception in a barn because it saves money without sacrificing beauty. And this is just one of the many reasons to have a barn wedding!

Plenty of Space

Are you trying to accommodate a long guest list? A barn wedding is ideal for this and won’t force you to go over budget. Plus, you’ll have both the ceremony space and reception covered with a barn. While some couples prefer an outdoor ceremony on the property, others have the wedding and reception inside but transform the venue during cocktail hour.

A Unique Experience

Barn weddings make for an event every guest will remember fondly. Thanks to all the extra space, they have room to mingle amongst one another, plus you could set up outdoor recreations like fire pits or yard games. Best yet, this venue works whether you’d prefer to marry when the leaves change in autumn or on a sunny summer day.

Pro Tip

One important tip to throwing a barn wedding is to find out what amenities are part of the rental package and what you’ll need to pay extra for. For example, bathrooms, AC, or heating units are not always part of the barn rental. 

Beautiful Photos

Another reason to have a barn wedding is for those breath-taking photos, thanks to all of nature surrounding you. Depending on the location, your natural backdrop could be just about anything from vibrant flowers to a lush forest, so you won’t have to travel to another location for wedding pictures.

Easy To Personalize

Since a barn is fairly plain, you can decorate it to just about any theme you’d like, whether that’s romantic fairy lights strung throughout the space or something a little more rustic. The way you go about decorating is entirely up to you.

Another bonus of a barn venue is the natural personality it offers—you can create the perfect space, even with minimal decorations! While some barns look traditional and are completely wood, others have brick or wrought iron for some excellent accents. Regardless of which barn type you choose, your wedding venue will be one to remember.

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