PDFBear Online Tools: Effectively Manage Your PDF Files for Your Business

PDFBear Online Tools

Most business people and entrepreneurs use PDFs in their electronic files. It’s a file format convenient to use for various purposes. Excel spreadsheets that contain important data and information of the company are converted to PDF for easy viewing and sharing. Even the PowerPoint presentations used for corporate meetings are in PDF format for its portability. 

PDF is also used for different fillable forms, contracts, agreements, and other important company documents. Hence, PDF is a useful format that serves a valuable part in both established and start-up companies. However, if there are hundreds or thousands of PDFs, it might be a little bit hard to organize them properly. 

There’s nothing to worry about because there’s a perfect platform online that these business people can use to help them manage their electronic files efficiently. It’s PDFBear, which offers free access to its different tools for absolutely free. Here’s a list of tools for effective file management and organization from PDFBear. 

PDF Page Deleter

As previously mentioned, a company has tons of different PDFs that serve various purposes. However, after a couple of months or years, the data and information these PDF files contain may become outdated. The figures may have changed, and other details no longer exist. In this case, updating the information or removing some pages will be a solution. 

Hence, you can use the PDFBear online tool to process your request. You can visit its official website to know how to delete pages in PDF effortlessly. The process is simple and easy. Just upload your PDFs on its website. Then, choose what particular pages you want to remove. Hit the “Apply Changes” button to start saving the changes you’ve made. 

When it’s finished, you can now download the PDF file without the pages you’ve successfully taken out. The process will usually take a few seconds, but it depends on how many pages you’re deleting. That’s how easy it is to take out pages of your PDF files. 

File Security Tool 

Business people have many PDF files that contain important data and confidential information. That’s why these files should never be shared with anyone else outside the company unless the manager or a CEO gives permission. Hence, setting a password will be the best solution to make these files safe from unauthorized access and use. 

PDFBear platform uses smart technology when it comes to file security. You just have to upload the PDF files on the PDFBear online tool. Provide the password you want and personalize it using a combination of numbers, letters, and other characters. Then, tap the “Encrypt PDF” button so the system will start saving the password you entered. 

When it’s done, the encrypted PDFs are now ready to download. That’s how easy it is to encrypt your PDF files using PDFBear. Hence, these files are now safe from authorized people who want to access them without the company’s permission. 

File Merger

If the company’s PDF files are in a few hundred or even a thousand, it’ll surely be a lot of work to manage them properly. That’s why PDFBear created an online tool to help these business people organize these PDFs efficiently. As the name implies, the tool will allow you to combine multiple PDFs in one file. 

You can merge PDF files that were created in the same year. You can also unify those files with similar content or serve the same purpose to accomplish specific tasks. By doing so, you’ll never encounter again having a hard time locating a particular document in your computer folder. The next time you’ll be looking for a specific document, you’ll know which folder and file to check. 


Dealing with so many PDF files means so much work. However, with the help of the tools discussed above, managing tons of PDFs becomes easy. You can visit the PDFBear official website to check other exciting tools you may need for your electronic files. Therefore, it definitely shows that PDF has been a great help for most company owners and entrepreneurs, especially with PDFBear. 

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