Parenting Tips for Keeping Children Safe at School

Parenting Tips for Keeping Children Safe at School

It’s difficult as a parent to watch your children go to school and not be there to keep them safe yourself. But there are ways you can try to help your children hold their own on days you cannot be with them. Continue reading to learn more about some parenting tips for keeping children safe at school.

Stranger Danger

Most children can be very friendly and talkative. When strangers approach your children, it’s important that they keep themselves safe. For example, ensure your children know not to get in a car with a stranger. If a friend picks them up from school, create a code word so that the children know they’re safe riding with that friend.

GPS Tracker

It may seem a little extreme, but if you worry your child will get lost on their way to school and when returning home, there are many benefits of a GPS child tracker for parents. For children who walk to and from school each day or ride the bus, this is a great item for parents to ensure their children get to their destination safely.

Important Phone Numbers

Depending on the ages of your children, they might already have a cell phone. If that’s not the case, have a list of names and phone numbers in your children’s backpack. Try to laminate or cover this list with a protective guard, if possible! The goal is for your child to have those contacts ready in case of an emergency.

Listen to Your Children

As your children go away to school, there is so much of their days that you don’t see as parents. After school, be sure to listen to your children if they bring up any concerns.

Whether it’s a school bully, a learning challenge, or a situation with a teacher, you want tenderly to approach any issue your child might have. You should establish open communication with your child at any age.

A parent’s instinct is to protect their children. Although you are away from them during the day, there are still things you can do to make your child feel heard, resolve issues, and make them feel safe in their school environment.

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