Our tips to keep hair straight for longer

hair smooth and silky

How can we keep our hair smooth and silky for longer?

When we have taken care to smooth our mane to perfection, we would like to keep the fruits of our labor as long as possible. For that, nothing could be simpler, we remain faithful to these few unstoppable habits to make our brushing last.

·        We use appropriate care for smoothing

Even before straightening our hair, it is essential to use suitable products on a daily basis. For example, a smoothing shampoo and conditioner are chosen. When applying the conditioner, gently comb your hair before rinsing, so that it is more easily smooth.

In the same way, we try to find a smooth and shiny effect mask, which we apply to each shampoo. Of course, we make sure to space out our shampoos as much as possible.

·        We adopt a very gentle drying

Before proceeding with the smoothing, it is facilitated by adapting its drying. We forget the vigorous rubbing with our friend the terry towel. Instead, let’s swap it against a micro-fiber towel that will avoid frizz and we gently pat our lengths.

No, you don’t brush your hair after shampooing, ever. On the contrary, you must try to brush them before even going in the shower, this will prevent them from breaking. After the shower, it is enough to apply a spray, a mousse, or a smoothing gel, to facilitate the brushing.

·        We adjust to the “cold” function of the hairdryer

When we dry our hair, we use our dryer by setting it to the cold air function. Less aggressive, this function protects the hair and also prevents frizz. After our smoothing, we can give a little blow of the dryer, always on the cold air, to freeze the smoothing.

·        Smoothing serum is applied after smoothing

After having straightened our hair with straightening iron, we take care to put all the chances on our side for a smoothing that lasts. We apply a few drops of smoothing serum which allows fixing the lengths. As far as possible, it is necessary to apply a thermo-protective treatment to the smoothing agents before the passage of the plates, this will increase the duration tenfold in addition to protecting the hair.

·        Protect your hair in the shower

If we decide to take a shower without washing our hair, we make sure to put on a swimming cap or a plastic cap to avoid frizz that could resurface in our neck. It goes without saying that water, rain, or humidity are the enemies of a smoothing that lasts, so we stay away from any source of water.

·        We lacquer to fix the smoothing

After Permanent straightening our hair, we use a flat brush, if possible in boar bristles, on which we spray lacquer in sufficient quantity. Then, it is enough to brush our hair, taking care to straighten it. This will freeze the smoothing but without the cardboard effect of the lacquer.

·        We always carry hair clips and moisturizer for the body

If our hair tends to frizz during the day, or if a few flyaways appear, we make sure to always have on hand a few barrettes and flat clips, which allow fixing the few flyaways that give us a hard time.

If you want to discipline a few crazy strands, apply, in a very small touch, a little moisturizer for the body on the lengths concerned.

·        We sleep with a silk or satin wrap

What do you fear most when you have perfect straightening? The sleep. So to avoid unpleasant surprises when we wake up, we wrap our hair before sleeping with the “wrap” method. It consists of wrapping our lengths around our heads by flattening them and fixing them all around the skull with flat pliers.

When the “wrap” is finished, wrap a silk or satin scarf around the hair to protect it from rubbing against the cotton of the pillow. In the morning, the smoothing will have held perfectly.

·        In the morning, refresh with a drop of serum

To give a boost to a smoothing that dates from the day before, apply a drop of smoothing serum, which is heated between your hands. The hair is always smooth and, let us be reassured: if they now observe a little movement, it will be all the more natural.

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