Not for Eating: Popular Foods with Unusual Uses

Not for Eating: Popular Foods with Unusual Uses

There are countless amazing foods in the world that make spectacular additions to any diet. However, a lot of the foods we eat are more than just sustenance; they can serve a variety of different uses as well—things most people wouldn’t even consider. Here’s a short list of some popular foods with unusual uses.

Sea Moss

Although this food isn’t something you’ll find in every household, there’s a huge market for sea moss across the world. For good reasons, too—sea moss is a superfood that doubles as an amazing skin-care product when turned into a gel. Before you buy any for yourself, make sure to learn the differences between the varieties of sea moss.


One of the most popular pastas in the world doesn’t just serve as a dish. You can actually set spaghetti on fire quite easily, making it great for lighting candles from far away without burning yourself. Mind you, this only works on dry, uncooked spaghetti.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Each of these ingredients has uses in a wide variety of dishes, and each also counts as a popular food with unusual uses. However, when you use them together, they form a strong cleaning agent that’s safe for human use. This solution is powerful enough to clear clogs in drains that even boiling water can’t clear out.


Many people throw away their eggshells, but they offer so many uses outside of cooking. On one hand, they’re amazing for your garden if you crush them and spread them around your plants. On the other hand, they make for great pest deterrents, as some bugs and lizards hate the smell of eggshells.


Lemon has many uses outside of its traditional cooking role. Some people use it as a cleaner, though it can be damaging to certain things. More popularly, you can cut a lemon in half and leave it lying around to suck up unpleasant smells in the area and release a lemony aroma.

These are just a few foods that have uses besides as cooking ingredients. In fact, most foods have some use outside of ingredients for meals. Many foods can accomplish similar tasks as basic technology given the right circumstances.

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