Lord Jesus Christ in Car Accident

Believe or not the guy goes by this name. Just as expected of a victim with such a name, he forgave the person that had hit him with the car. The Lord Jesus Christ was actually hit by a woman. The only problem that the car driver had was that the police did not forgive her. She ran down the victim on a Massachusetts crosswalk.rnrnThe man is 50 years of age and hails from the town of Belchertown. After checking his id and passport the police officers were able to confirm that his name was indeed Lord Jesus Christ. The man luckily suffered only minor injuries on his face. He was treated at a local hospital and released on the same day. This was according to the republican.rnrnThe driver was clearly in fault as Christ was in a marked crosswalk at the time of the accident. This was according to Captain Scott Savino.rn

5 Comments on “Lord Jesus Christ in Car Accident”

  1. This story is amazing…imagine a man getting hit by a car and is just as gracious as the real jesus wud have been. Who knows, he cudda been the real deal!

  2. hes not the real deal the bible says that jesus promised he wouldnt set foot on the world till the time the he comes back to call his people home

  3. damn right william

    but isn’t this funny and co-incidental/co-inkidenkal

    He was IDed as Jesus.
    And was hit on a CROSSwalk.

    This site is fun!
    Read about the 256 yeah old man
    I just joined 2 day

  4. Firstly,
    I do respect the name of Jesus but this story it not trues.

    Secondly, I need to know where is he now?

    Third, why this image has been on this way,why the office no charged for him?

    I consent this story should removed as soon as possible

    Thank you

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