Interesting Ways You Didn’t Know You Can Use Salt

Interesting Ways You Didn’t Know You Can Use Salt

Nearly every household has access to a magical substance that packs an enormous punch. That’s right—we’re talking about salt! For centuries, people have been using salt for cooking and medicinal purposes. There are even modern applications for this seasoning that will probably surprise you!

We bet you didn’t know you can use salt in these interesting ways. Consider sprinkling in a little sodium next time you come across a minor problem!

Soften Hard Water

Households across the world struggle with hard water. Minerals in water supplies clog pipes, taste nasty, and leave your hair, skin, and nails worse for wear. Enter water conditioners, a system that uses sodium to purify your H2O.

Water conditioners need salt to ionize hard water. The result is soft, drinkable water that won’t destroy your plumbing and laundry.

Soothe Bug Bites

Did you know that you can use salt to soothe bug bites? Salt has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Put down the antihistamine cream and use your kitchen salt the next time you have an itch.

Create a paste with warm water and a few sprinkles of salt. Apply this mixture to the affected area to reduce the sting. This works on many kinds of bug bites, including mosquito bites, ant bites, and even mild bee stings!

Reduce Odors

Another interesting way you didn’t know you could use salt is to reduce odors. You could spend money on candles, wall plug-ins, and air fresheners, but why would you? Instead, use a common household substance that’s cheap and easy to access.

Salt absorbs moisture and leaves a neutralized scent in its wake. You can dump some down your smelly sink with a few drops of essential oil to combat stinky garbage disposals. You can also use table salt to clean smelly shoes and nasty refrigerators.

Test Egg Freshness

Eggs usually have a longer shelf life than their packaging suggests. However, it’s hard to tell how good they are unless you break them open. You can use salt to test egg freshness before adding it to your favorite meals.

Make a saltwater mixture and carefully place your suspicious egg inside. Fresh eggs will sink because they are denser than saltwater. If it floats, it’s time to toss your carton.

As you can see, salt is more than just a staple in every kitchen. Consider using one of these tricks and put your sodium to good use!

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