Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle

Interesting Things You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle

Businesses that prioritize sustainability improve their brand image, and cut costs in the process. However, many people miss opportunities to recycle unconventional items; knowing what you can and can’t recycle is the first step in making an impact.

If you see any of these interesting things you didn’t know you can recycle lying around your office, don’t throw them out! Instead, reach out to your waste management service to see how else you could dispose of them.

Shipping Pallets

Companies use pallets to ship and store their products. Pallets come in several shapes and sizes, and are generally made of wood, metal, and plastic. However, did you know manufacturers create durable paper pallets, too?

Paper is nearly 100 percent biodegradable—this is just one of the reasons why paper pallets are better than wooden pallets. Instead of using wooden or plastic pallets that end up sitting in landfills, invest in corrugated pallets to reduce your business’s carbon footprint.


If you’re planning an office remodel, you should look into recycled carpeting. Not only can you recycle your current materials, but you can purchase repurposed carpets at lower prices.

Some carpet retailers have their own special programs. Otherwise, find your local carpet recycling facility to dispose of your old materials. This way, your office remodeling project won’t contribute to over-occupied landfills, leaving space for items that cannot be recycled or repurposed.

Ink Cartridges

Some businesses go through toner cartridges like they’re disappearing from the market. Over time, you can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on printer ink. Instead of wasting your money, give cartridge recycling a try.

Many office supply stores will buy back empty cartridges and sell repurposed ones at a discount. Since printing supplies use plastic and aluminum in their manufacturing, choosing sustainable options makes a huge difference.

Asbestos Fibers

There’s one thing we’re positive you didn’t know you could recycle—asbestos fibers. This dangerous carcinogen wreaks havoc on the people and ecosystems it comes in contact with. Also, asbestos can leak out of landfills and into the environment, resulting in devastating damage.

Asbestos recycling is especially helpful for businesses operating out of old buildings. However, you shouldn’t try to clear it away yourself. Instead, contact a hazardous waste disposal service to do all the dirty work.

You’re on your way to building a sustainable company; develop eco-friendly initiatives, involve employees, and be mindful about items in your business to be part of the change.

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