Common Issues You Can Find With a Rotary Air Compressor

Common Issues You Can Find With a Rotary Air Compressor

Air compressors play an integral role in a wide variety of industries, from massive manufacturing facilities to small auto repair shops. Your line of work may even use an air compressor of some kind, and it’s most likely a rotary air compressor because their small and portable size makes them ideal for intermittent use. However, if your air compressor has been struggling to perform or even run, you should know about the common issues you can find with a rotary air compressor.

Low Capacity or Lack of Pressure

If your air compressor can’t generate the amount of pressure it’s supposed to, you’ll want to first check for an air leak. The seals may have worn off, or a component of your compressor may have become damaged from wear and tear. If there’s no damage you can find, other aspects you’ll want to check on include:

  • See whether the inlet valve can fully open.
  • Check the inlet filter to see if you need to clean it.
  • Check and replace your air compressor’s filters.
  • Check the differential pressure over the oil separator. If there’s a major issue with the oil separator, you’ll need to replace it.

Lack of pressure is perhaps the most common issue with rotary air compressors, and you can bring yours to an air compressor repair shop if you’re unsure of what the cause is.

Compressor Keeps Shutting Down

If your air compressor keeps shutting down at seemingly random times, it’s likely because your compressor is experiencing incredibly high temperatures and shuts down to prevent extensive damage. This issue may be from the environment’s ambient temperature being too high, or maybe your facility doesn’t have enough ventilation.

If it’s not the environment, it’s likely an oil issue with the compressor. This can range from the oil levels being too low, using the wrong type of oil, or the oil cooler becoming dirty. You should also check for dirt and debris within the oil lines that cause blockages.

Moisture and Corrosion

Moisture can be a huge issue, especially in humid environments. The best way to manage moisture and protect your air compressor is to pair it with an air dryer that will remove the moisture from the compressed air and safely drain it away from the machinery. This will prevent corrosion, like rust, from occurring and causing permanent damage to your compressor.

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