Interesting Milkshake Facts To Add to Your Menu

Interesting Milkshake Facts To Add to Your Menu

When patrons open a menu, the first things they look at are products and prices. While those are certainly the most important things on your restaurant’s menu, they don’t have to be the most things there. You can make your menu more interesting to peruse by adding fun facts about the different products you serve. If your restaurant serves milkshakes, then we have the perfect article for you. Keep reading to learn some fun, interesting milkshake facts to add to your menu.

Most Popular Flavor

The world is full of milkshake flavors and every person has a favorite. Sometimes they’re nostalgic favorites from childhood, sometimes they’re new flavors that have taken over the market, and sometimes it’s just something inexplicably delightful. Whatever the reason, there are lots of popular milkshake flavors, and you probably serve some of them at your restaurant. But did you know that the most popular milkshake flavor in the U.S is strawberry?

Record-Breaking Milkshake

World records are fun to learn about and lots of people want to break them. Fascinate menu readers with a milkshake-related world record. Ira Freehof, owner of the Comfort Diner in New York, made the largest milkshake on record in 2000. It was a 6,000-gallon, drink and the record still stands today.

Milkshake’s First Appearance

Have you ever wondered how long milkshakes have been around? Your customer may wonder too. Give them a quick history lesson by sharing the following fact on your menu: the term milkshake came about in 1885. It was similar to eggnog and often alcoholic; the alcohol of choice was whiskey. By 1900, though, the milkshake had lost its alcoholic edge and become a sweet dessert. It was further popularized in 1922 by a Walgreen’s employee who added ice cream to malted milk. This was made easier by the invention of the electric blender the same year.

While there are many more interesting milkshake facts you can add to your menu, popular flavors, world records, and a short history are three of the best ones. Adding this information will fascinate patrons as they look through your milkshake options and choose their own delicious frozen treat.

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