Interesting Holidays You’ve Never Heard of Until Today

Interesting Holidays You’ve Never Heard of Until Today

While you may know the large, grand holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Year’s day, you probably didn’t know that International Sloth Day or National Tortilla Chip Day exists. There are plenty of small, fun, and unique holidays you can celebrate throughout the year. To learn more about these special days, check out these interesting holidays you’ve never heard of until today.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Who doesn’t love seeing their favorite dog in a cute flower costume or dressing their cat like a bat? If you love to see your animal friends dress their best, then watch out for National Dress Up Your Pet Day. This holiday is on January 14, so keep an eye out for some funny and adorable pictures on this day!

National Thrift Shop Day

If you enjoy shopping and finding discounts, you are going to enjoy this next holiday. A few things you should know about National Thrift Shop Day are that it is on August 17, and you are sure to receive plenty of discounts. Many thrift stores also support charity, so you support your local community and charity when you purchase from a thrift shop.

International Sloth Day

Sloths are so cute, cuddly, and adorable that they receive their own holiday! October 20 is International Sloth Day, and it brings awareness to these unique creatures. On this day, kick back, relax, and learn some new facts about these furry friends.

National Tortilla Chip Day

Who doesn’t love delicious, piping-hot tortilla chips with some guacamole, queso, salsa, or hummus? In fact, people enjoy tortilla chips so much that they dedicated a whole day to eat this tasty treat. National Tortilla Chip Day is on February 24, so remember to enjoy these delicious snacks on this day and maybe try a new recipe or two.

These are a few of the interesting holidays you’ve never heard of until today. So, the next time one of these special days occurs, celebrate it and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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