Interesting Facts About Fitness That You Need to Know

Once you start to get into fitness, it can be difficult to stop until you become a hardcore fan of fitness. Then, if your time is beginning to become filled with running and HIIT workouts, here are some of the most interesting facts that you should know about fitness.

Most Athletes Get Injured

Although most of your time might be preoccupied with avoiding injury when you are playing a sport or enjoying a fitness-related activity, you should know that the majority of athletes get injured at one time or another, with 90% of college athletes getting injured. Some sports and activities are more likely to cause you harm than others, though, with activities like basketball and football causing more injuries than other forms of sports and fitness. Therefore, if you have been injured, you should consider contacting ATL Physio for advice on how to improve your injuries and treatment to heal them.

Your Shoes Can Impact Your Performance

Although you might think that the only aspect of fitness that affects your performance is yourself and your own health, that is not the case, and the shoes that you wear can impact your performance greatly. For instance, if you do not wear the right shoes, you may find that you have a higher risk of becoming injured and that you have arch support problems. However, if you save up for the right pair of shoes, you will find that they are shock resistant, that they have more flexibility, and that you can exercise for longer without becoming fatigued.

A Tiny Percentage of Athletes Go Professional

You might have had dreams since childhood of becoming a professional athlete and of achieving worldwide fame for your talents. However, under 1% of people manage to go from the top of the high school leader boards to professional sports personality. Then, you should consider looking at other avenues that will help you to go professional or other careers that you will feel just as passionate about, such as that of a sports coach or personal trainer. These careers can then help you engage with sports without the fame and fortune that going professional provides.

You Should Burn 400-500 Calories a Day

If you originally got into fitness for the weight loss benefits, you will want to know how many calories you can burn a day for you to reach the weight that you are aiming for. Most people need to burn 2000 calories a week if they want to lose weight, and so you should try to exercise enough to get rid of 400-500 calories in each bout of exercise that you perform. This will then help you to get to the weight that you want to in manageable doses without getting fatigued, bored, or needing ample rest before enduring another exercise session. You should make the most of your time by choosing high-impact exercises like swimming, HIIT, or running rather than those that can help you to burn calories more slowly.

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