Increase Your Coffee Sales Consistently With Great Packaging Design

Coffee Sales Consistently With Great Packaging Design

Coffee is a very popular beverage in the US, with a 64% market share. Coffee continues to expand and diversify. Coffee is a large market, and companies are capitalizing on this by designing packages that convey more than just the fact that they provide a boost of energy

We might easily attribute coffee’s success to its high caffeine content, but nowadays, people have a plethora of other options for stimulating drinks to select from. Ask a person who has never had either coffee or an energy drink which flavor they prefer, and most of them will choose the energy drink.

Perhaps the true secret of coffee’s success lies in the tales it can tell. The appreciation for coffee is innate, and coffee drinkers may not even realize it. A familiar scent from their childhood home or the presence of a beloved grandparent may trigger such sentiments.

Coffee branding is at a stage where originality in marketing and product presentation is everything. A coffee company’s goal in today’s market should inform a targeted, unique packaging design.

Coffee Packaging Design Trends

Other people than just the intended market appreciate great packaging designs. Despite having one of the most aggressive coffee business logos, Death Wish Coffee’s backstory perfectly encapsulates the essence of freshly roasted, flavorful coffee beans.

Modern coffee packaging design

The term modern can be used to mean several things. For instance, some designs that we consider modern such as Stumptown and Death Wish are not really modern. But there are several features of all high-end package designs that radiate a sense of modernity.

Matte finishes with occasional foil lettering can help you make your packaging “modern.” These patterns are meant to convey an appearance of ease and sophistication. The products have a natural look, yet they have just the right amount of shine to up the “cool factor.” 

Eco-friendly coffee packaging

Many popular coffee manufacturers now proudly proclaim “eco-friendly coffee packaging” on their front labels since the coffee sector was an early adopter of sustainable practices in the design of their products.

However, this may not be a strong enough feature to differentiate oneself from competitors. This is a common marketing language for coffee goods aiming to appeal to the growing eco-conscious consumer market.

Minimalist packaging design

Numerous coffee companies have simplified their packaging in response to the “hipster coffee” trend. The customer’s imagined and desired state of tranquility while enjoying a cup of coffee might be reflected in the packaging. 

Your container should include minimal branding, such as language and colors that evoke the sensation of relaxing with a cup of coffee while taking in the scenery from a deck.

High-end coffee packaging

Your coffee doesn’t have to sell at extremely high prices for it to be considered upscale. 

While some people may think that smaller coffee packets are a put-off for customers, surveys have revealed that it is actually the sweet spot for most purchases. Consumers no longer have to stock up as they did in the past.

Types of Coffee Packaging

Although you don’t have to stay within the standards of your category, it is still essential to be aware of the packaging solutions available. Below are the three primary forms of coffee packaging.

Coffee box packaging

Just as with most food products, cardboard boxes may be used as supplementary packaging for coffee.

Coffee bag

Flexible packaging bags are the trend in many industries. The flat-bottom coffee bag, with a variation called a quad-seal pouch, is the most cost effective form of coffee packaging.

Coffee can

Since the coffee can is best suited for a coffee label, it is a cost-effective option for large manufacturers. To differentiate their many brews, brands order cans in quantity and design unique labels for each one. These cans are so sturdy that they protect the coffee beans inside from being crushed and the packaging from being torn.

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