Hygiene issues to consider in the workplace

In today’s world, people tend to become more and more self-aware of their hygiene. This is evident in the way that individuals take care of themselves daily. However, when it comes to hygiene in the workplace, there are certain things that should never be overlooked or forgotten about. People often forget that they need to practice good hygiene at home and in the workplace. It is important for people who work in close quarters to remember their co-workers and show them respect by keeping themselves presentable and ensuring strict food hygiene practices. This article outlines some hygiene issues to consider in the workplace.

Ventilation & air quality

People who work together in an enclosed space will generate moisture and heat. When the air is not sufficiently ventilated, it becomes overwhelmingly hot for everybody present.

One simple way to ensure better ventilation and air quality are through the use of fans. Most offices now have fans installed throughout the building to allow for better circulation of air within the premises. This allows the air to become cooler, which in turn makes everyone more comfortable.

There are short-term effects of poor ventilation and air quality on people’s health, especially with respect to allergies, congestion, and influenza. If people pay attention to these aspects, they will notice that there is less absenteeism within the office because of sickness.

Poor cleaning schedule  

To build a cleaning schedule, you could include things like a colour coded cleaning chart or a list on the wall reminding people of what areas need to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some companies even go as far as conducting inventories and audit trails for cleaning products and equipment. This helps with proper budgeting and ensures that there is no misuse of cleaning supplies within the workplace premises.

For hygiene purposes, it is important that people responsible for cleaning the office follow a strict schedule of time set out by management or somebody in charge of this aspect. If the environment is clean, then there will be no dirt, bacteria, germs, or fungus build-up, which can cause airborne infections to spread.

Waste collection & disposal

In order to limit the spread of diseases, it is important for workplaces to have an efficient waste management system. In a typical office environment, many papers get thrown into the trash daily. If these papers are not properly disposed of, then the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria increases.

Companies should have a set schedule for people to take out the trash. This will also ensure that there are no issues with regard to taking away waste materials that may cause an effect on the environment.

Restroom hygiene 

Having a clean restroom can go a long way in helping people to feel comfortable and safe within the workplace. It is also a great way to show respect for co-workers and keep the office feeling professional. When people feel comfortable in their workplace, they will be able to perform better as well as focus on their jobs.

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