How To Sell Your House Or Apartment Quickly?

Sell Your House

The long-awaited moment of announcements and visits is getting closer. These are crucial steps to successfully attracting buyers in the real estate market. Photos, choice of platforms, writing, order of the visit, nothing should be taken lightly. So we guide you to enable effective sales.

Promote your Property

For a quick sale at the price you want, it is essential to take care of the presentation during visits. You must therefore present your property from its best angles. Providing tidy and clean accommodation is an essential element before any visit. Likewise, if you have a house with a garden, remember to mow the lawn a few days before the visits.

But you can go even further to highlight the assets of your property more. By cluttering certain pieces of their furniture, buyers will be able to better visualize the volume of the pieces, for example. This is particularly interesting in the case of small apartments.

Brightness being an important criterion when purchasing a property, you can also change the power of your lights and lamps. There are generally 50 watts per 25 square meters. A properly lit property will in fact be much more pleasant to visitors.

These tips make your property more attractive and constitute home staging. According to House Cash PA professionals, buyers who home stage sell their property much more quickly. A good technique if you are in a hurry.

By modernizing, refreshing, and depersonalizing your property, buyers see themselves more easily in the home. Before viewings, also finish any unfinished work that could scare off buyers or work against you when negotiating the price.

Finally, don’t hesitate to add a little final touch just before the visit such as candles, decorative baskets, or even flowers so that visitors immediately feel at ease in your home. A good first impression is often a guarantee of success.

Opt For Professional Photos

A good real estate sales strategy is based on professional photos. First, it will make your ad stand out among the stream of ads available on the Internet. It is much easier to choose from photos than from text. Don’t they say that a picture is worth 1,000 words?

This particularly applies to the real estate sector. But even with a very good smartphone, you don’t become a real estate photographer overnight. For example, for your home, outdoor photography can be a real headache depending on the natural light.

To enhance your property, it is better to contact a professional photographer. Choose quality over quantity. Brightness, framing, composition of photos, and perspectives, he knows exactly the rules for seducing visitors through photos.

The presence of quality photos in your ad will increase its visibility. Potential buyers who contact you for a visit will also already have an initial attraction to your property. In short, a very profitable investment!

Think About The Virtual Tour

Virtual tours experienced significant growth in 2020 and 2021 during periods of confinement. The results are more than positive for these online real estate visits followed from your sofa. Buyers, sellers and professionals in the sector were attracted by this visit format, and therefore the use of these virtual visits should continue.

Virtual visits indeed save time and efficiency. Only buyers who are truly interested in your apartment or house will physically come. Virtual tours thus make it possible to carry out an initial sorting among buyers. Contrary to what one might think, the customer relationship is maintained.

During the virtual tour, potential buyers are guided live by the agent through 3D modeling. The agent is therefore present to answer any questions buyers may have.

Qualify Potential Buyers

Once the ad is published, it can be difficult to identify interested visitors from curious visitors. By using a real estate agent, you will avoid these “tourist clients”. Agents know the motivations of their clients very well and will present you with buyers whose criteria match your property. Without a mandate, it will also be more difficult to verify the creditworthiness of buyers.

Think About The Organization Of Visits

The visits stage is always a key moment in the sale of a property since it finally brings the real estate project to fruition. The success of these visits is therefore essential. Very often, real estate agents take care of this, but if you are selling alone, you will be in charge of leading the visit. Good preparation in advance is therefore necessary to put all the chances on your side.

Before the visit, tidy up your property and notify the people living in the accommodation of the planned visits. Also, think about the direction of the visit: should you start with the exterior or the interior? Which pieces to start with? There is no established order; the main thing is to have a logical organization and to follow the route that you set at the start of the visit.

During the visit, you can also provide information about the property, in particular about the neighborhood, proximity to schools, the public transport network, or even shops. To do this, adapt your speech to your visitors, depending on whether they are a family, a couple, or even elderly people. They probably have different motivations for visiting your property.

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