How to optimize the BIO for Instagram?

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If your Instagram bio has always been the least of your thoughts, you need to do something immediately. Think of your bio as a business card for a commercial or shop window. People who come to your profile will decide whether or not to follow you in seconds, so the bio’s job is to get them to do it. The best Instagram bio’s have a few things in common: they give the reader a clear picture of what the profile is about , include something that catches the reader’s interest, like a recognizable detail or a funny line, and prompts the reader to start following. that profile. Here are the best tips for optimizing your Instagram bio and also give you a chance to have more free Instagram followers:

1) Use keywords to increase your visibility on Instagram

Your name field is one of those few things that can be searched for on Instagram. This means that it can also be optimized for the SEO of this social media. Unless your brand is already famous, use the 30 characters available to indicate your industry, niche or service after your name. This way, your profile will rank higher in search results when people search for that specific keyword on Instagram. Having your reference industry in your name is also useful for another reason. If you interact with another profile on Instagram, your name will appear in the notifications. This could make your profile noticed by someone interested in your industry or product and could generate a few extra clicks on your profile.

If you are a handmade shoe shop, add “handmade shoes” after your name.

If you own a furniture store, add “furniture store” after your name.

If you want to attract the public to Berlin, add “Berlin” after your name.

…and so on.

And as always, if your brand or industry allows, don’t be afraid to use emojis and special characters in your bio.

2) Choose an attractive image for your profile picture

It sounds obvious, but it’s important to do it – choose a clear and attention-grabbing profile picture . Your profile image must be relevant to your brand and be clearly distinguishable. Avoid using too small fonts or images. The obvious choice is your brand logo, but you could also use something else, like a photo of your flagship product. We recommend that you choose a clean and simple image to maximize the distinction from other profiles. A brightly colored but simple image can help your profile stand out even more on a mobile screen. The best profile photos are able to spark interest and spark curiosity, prompting the audience to click on the profile. How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? You can take actions at the beginning of choosing an attractive image for your profile picture.

3) Explain who you are and what you do in the BIO field

Since the goal is to get people to follow you (and you only have a few seconds to do so), it is crucial that it is extremely easy for a person to have an idea of what you can offer them. Indicate your mission, product or service clearly at the beginning of the bio. You can also use the bio to highlight a branded hashtag, if you want your followers to be aware of it and can use it to create content with your product / service. As mentioned above, a hashtag from your brand is a great way to build a community around your brand, track a specific campaign, or leverage user-generated content. If you can, include a fun, recognizable line or details that pique your audience’s interest. Instagram auto liker without login can offer you more audiences.

4) Use a strong CTA

Don’t forget to include a call to action on your profile. Use the opportunity to refer people to your website, sign up for your newsletters, download a giveaway, or use a discount code on your store.

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