How to Have a Great Smile Without Braces

get a great smile without braces

A wonderful smile is possible without braces

Many people feel like they might be trapped into getting braces no matter what. This simply isn’t the truth because there are some viable alternatives out there to consider. Take a step back and examine these three methods where you can attain a good smile without the addition of braces. It can be a chore to have braces, and these alternatives will enlighten your perspective!

Consider using aligners

The first method that should come to your mind is using aligners. There are some reputable brands on the market that are giving people the freedom of reduced dentist visits and the capacity to save money. Invisalign is a popular option that has been shown to yield promising results for even the most crooked teeth. You might be wondering at this point, “how much is Invisalign?” and the answer is far more affordable than braces. The results tend to be more accurate as well because braces can create some complications. They are also much more difficult to maintain than simply purchasing aligners. One thing that they take into account is that not everyone’s mouth is the same. That’s why you go in for a comprehensive scan to determine the correct dimensions for your mouth. This will ensure that everything goes according to plan for a fraction of the time. The most remarkable advantage to using these aligners is that you can have freedom in only a few months whereas braces will take longer. The 3D laser scanner ensures that every problem is accounted for so that the personalized aligners can be professionally crafted to suit your dental profile.

Palatal Expander

This is a common device that is implemented to effectively widen the upper jaw and creates more space to help teeth grow and settle properly. They can be seen as a preventative measure for braces and are effective in making sure that things develop smoothly. There are many ways to straighten your teeth without braces and each one comes with new facets that should be examined before you make the final decision. Attaining a great smile without braces is definitely possible in a modern world of developments, and the Palatal expander may help you attain a naturally appealing smile. These are commonly used before the braces are installed to address certain factors like under or over-bites. However, they can also be used before aligners effectively if you have a particularly severe problem. Generally, these have been used with great success and should be considered during the deliberation process. They are customized according to your individual mouth and you have a better chance of a great smile when using them.

Jaw Surgery options

Much of what causes teeth to look out of place has to do with the actual jaw itself. If things aren’t aligned properly then your teeth will also suffer the consequences. If you have a severe alignment problem then this should be addressed first as the root cause. Getting jaw surgery might be a wise option to help fix the misalignment. Sometimes people opt for getting porcelain veneers as well but this only helps to improve the visual quality of your smile. The reality is that surgery in conjunction with the aligners might be the best option. It depends on how severe your situation is and you should always listen to your dentist. Some of us have a naturally settling smile and others have to contend with the challenges of getting a great smile. There are options for everyone to consider outside the realm of braces, but sometimes it’s necessary. Milder circumstances will definitely benefit from the use of aligners so you won’t have to go through an extensive process. In some cases, jaw surgery can completely correct a misalignment but it’s rare.

These methods will help you get a good smile without braces!

These are some of the best alternatives to getting braces that will help you along the path to a brighter and more confident smile. They will help you thrive in the mirror and when talking with others. Most importantly, you won’t have camera anxiety when people take pictures. Instead, you can smile with pride knowing your smile is fixed and beautiful!

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