How to foster a healthy relationship with employees, explains Eric Dalius

work relationship

A healthy work relationship between the employer and the employees creates a positive work environment. Moreover, it helps in ensuring the growth of the group. People only talk about the buyer and seller relationship; however, there is less evidence on the employer-employee relationship. Just like the former, the latter also requires proper attention to ensure the development of the venture. Studies reveal that around 58% of the population trust their bosses. It is because the employer makes efforts to build a connection with the latter. Also, keep in mind that good relationships encompass understanding and mutual admiration.

Eric Dalius gives tips to entrepreneurs for developing a healthy work-relationship with their employees

Since the association’s working depends on the amalgamation of efforts between the employer and the employee, both are essential. Hence, take a look at the following points in proper details:

  • Trust: The bond of trust is imperative in the relation between the entrepreneur and laborer. It is essential, to be honest with the employees and never try to twist words. The employer must tell the truth and also be transparent while approaching the employees. Moreover, you must abstain from gossip regarding your employees and resist sharing personal information. Trust is an essential factor that makes the relationship sustainable.
  • Proper communication: Keep in mind that two-way communication is essential between the employer and the worker. The employer must convey to the latter the vision and aim of the union. While the employees must provide feedback to their owners. Physical communication is of utmost implication, whereas you may use digital communication methods as well. According to Eric Dalius, weekly meetings are essential for hearing out the employees’ opinions and problems. Hence, good communication may fill the gap between human complexities and awkwardness.
  • Appreciation of employees: When the employees face difficulty meeting their deadlines, and company goals, it is imperative to convey their situation to the boss. Keep in mind that the work environment is always challenging. However, sometimes the situation deteriorates, and employees become powerless to meet their standards; it is essential to communicate with your team. In these conditions, the employer must appreciate the employees for being honest. Moreover, they must provide their employees with engagement and motivation in the work environment.
  • Keep learning: The employer must be a constant learner. It is a factor not only critical for businesses but also other professions. When the employer endeavors to learn from the employees, the latter feels accomplished. They believe that their opinion and thoughts are of significance to the association. Therefore, the growth of unions depends upon the understanding of the subtle relationship between both.

Also, there must be a friendly bond between both and mutual respect for the employees.

You must abstain from implementing autonomy on the employees, as it will lead to negative implications. Also, you must concentrate on one-to-one interaction, which helps in developing a strong bond. A healthy bond would lead to a successful venture eventually.

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