How To Clean a Portable Toilet Rental

How To Clean a Portable Toilet Rental

Portable toilets are a great asset to have at an event and in construction zones. But sometimes, they can be difficult to clean. All too often, those who rent them will let the cleaning go until the very last minute. Don’t be like those people! Instead, learn how to clean a portable toilet rental.

Sanitize the Inside

The inside of portable toilets isn’t fun. Oftentimes, you will catch a whiff of something unbearable. Aside from that, there will be tracked dirt, mud, and even unmentionables surrounding the toilet area. If you want to avoid a situation like this, disinfect your toilet in between each bathroom use. The first part of maintenance deals with using the pump to break down waste. If you want the entire interior to stay clean, use an anti-bacterial disinfectant to help wipe down the whole portable toilet. Don’t forget to wipe down all touchpoints.

Air Out Your Portable Toilet

When your porta-potty has an odor you cannot seem to get rid of, you run the risk of getting sick from breathing in toxic fumes. Here is how you can remedy the situation. If the bathroom is particularly smelly, open up the door and let it air out for about half an hour. This is also important if there is lots of foot traffic around the area.

Use Odor Control Products

Airing out is one thing, but having good quality odor control products is another. Having bleach and air freshener on hand can help fight the many smelly odors inside the portable toilet. It’s also beneficial to add an extra layer of odor control with air freshener strips that stick onto walls. They have a lifespan of up to 60 days.

Keep the Exterior Clean

With any rental, you want to ensure that nothing happens outside of the rental. While graffiti and other writing are fun, they’re not fun to clean up. And if it is permanent, you may face extra fees at the end of your rental agreement. Luckily, some inexpensive products, such as a sponge, some soap, and water, can help you.

Renting a portable toilet is a great idea if you’re running a construction site or an event. Knowing how to clean a portable toilet rental is also essential. If you’re renting a portable toilet for the first time, remember to follow these tips for deciding whether to rent a portable toilet for your event or business.

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