How To Choose the Right Bumper for Your Truck

How To Choose the Right Bumper for Your Truck

Summer always brings with it an increasing desire to spend more time outside, especially for those who can get in their trucks and go off-grid.

Whether you’re interested in overlanding, rock crawling, or even mudding, a savvy off-roader knows that stock bumpers won’t cut it. OEM bumpers aren’t for off-roading, so it’s critical to outfit your car with the correct aftermarket bumpers.

After all, your vehicle deserves the greatest bumpers available to improve its appearance and keep you and your passengers safe. So to help you get the bumper you need and want, here are some tips on how to choose the right bumper for your truck.

What’s More Important: Functionality or Aesthetics?

Functionality may be a larger motivator for your steel aftermarket bumper purchase, depending on the type of all-terrain adventures you want to take your truck on. Upper-tier dealers strive to continuously improve the technology with each new model, ensuring that the bumper is long-lasting and packed full of features. Most high-quality rear bumpers come with extra tow-hook spots and built-in steps to help you reach the inside or top of your vehicle.

Do You Want To Add a Winch or Lights?

A factory-grade bumper won’t take the stress that a winch puts on it, so look for a replacement bumper that will allow you to pull yourself out of tight circumstances or assist a friend in need on the trail.

Light mounts are also an important feature to consider when purchasing a new bumper set since they help boost your visibility, particularly at night.

Where To Get Steel Aftermarket Bumpers

One thing is for sure when choosing the right bumper for your truck: you should never settle for less than the best, especially when it comes to new bumpers; therefore, it’s only natural to go with ones made in the United States.

The US holds steel bumpers to stricter standards for both their raw materials and welding processes, resulting in best-in-class replacement bumper options.

While choosing which bumper is right for you may be hard, the decision to upgrade is a no-brainer! An upgraded bumper can provide huge benefits for your ride, so be sure to choose carefully before purchasing!

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