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Among 5 million mobile applications available in the market, the competition to let users stick to a particular application is obviously challenging. Business and other e-commerce giants often look for ways to make users stick to their services, products, and others via the dedicated mobile application. 

However, the situation is a little different. As there are more brands, businesses, and others are available in the market, users often find it mesmerizing to choose apps over others. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it becomes a task for the brands to entice yours every day, all day!

Not just it is challenging for businesses, startups, and brands, even a leading mobile app development company has to look for ways to make the app robust, effective, and absolutely outstanding. Mobile app developers always have to remain updated to the current market situation, new trends, user requirements, and others in order to come up with an app with a great number of features, that are enough to entice users. 

Also, there are many things that hinder the experience of users from certain mobile applications creating more chaos to the overall performance of the app. Those issues are- 

  • The app is made for seasonal or particular purposes only
  • The issue of high size mobile application
  • Too much of advertisements in the application
  • Excessive push notifications
  • Confused with understanding the value
  • Technical issues, bugs, and other issues

All these together result in making users look for some other substitute for getting their things done. 

Keeping all these things together in mind, here are ways to attract mobile app users to the application to get desired results in no time. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the ways to attract mobile app users- 

How to attract mobile app users to the app


One of the first ways to attract mobile app users to the app is to get a partnered team with the top mobile app developers for getting the app developed robustly. By offering goodness in the app, users would simply be investing more time in the application.

Thus, it is crucial to give users great quality application and not to depend upon feedback given by the users. 

App value

The next thing to keep in mind for enticing users is to give overall detail and information about the application in the app store. It is crucial to write down everything about the app along with the top features, functionalities, what are the things users will be getting from the app.

For letting users know everything about the app, make sure you are highlighting the app’s top features, add some video clips, or etc. 

On-boarding experience

After installing the app, the next thing that users are required to do is to fill in their information to the application. It is called onboarding experience, if the onboarding is under the mark, not so lengthy, and ask only the crucial questions and information, users are more likely to go ahead with the application. 

However, if the onboarding is lengthy and asks for too many details and information, users simply get turned off and later removes the application. Thus, it is crucial to come up with an easy onboarding experience. 

Also, make sure you are integrating social media platforms for even more comfort and ease for signing in to the app. 

Push notifications

Push notifications are best for informing users about what is new in the app, what are they missing in the application, the top deals & discounts are other to remain connected to the application. Sending them is the part of enticing users to the app, however, the continuous notifications might become a barrier to the experience of the users. 

Ill timing notifications and too much of them encourages users to skip using the app and finally uninstalling them. Thus, make sure you are looking at the push notifications mechanisms for creating a healthy bond with the users. 

App personalization

Users love the app that can offer them the functionality that can let them change their app interface as per their liking. The app personalization can be in terms of font size, font color, themes, writing style, and so on. 

Make sure you are offering users things that can let them remain stick to the application. 

App speed

The mobile app speed is the topmost thing that can either make or break the overall success graph of the application. Slow loading application makes users uninstall the application resulting in less number of users and more number of feedback complaints. 

Thus make sure you are working on the app speed to keep enticing users, this will result in letting them stay tuned to the app without looking for any more substitute.

So, if you are planning to get started with a mobile application, firstly, make sure you are connecting with the top app agency, secondly, once the app is developed, and deployed, you are measuring its performance graph to understand loopholes and the things that are being liked by the users. 

Once you got such information in your hands, it will become easier for you to come up with the right decision to entice users to the app.  

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