How Studying Biology Can Help You Get a Job

Studying Biology

Many people don’t realize how connected the worlds of science and business are. The truth is that the industry for scientific and economic consulting in the United States alone is worth more than $42 billion every single year! On top of that, the industry employs more than 284,000 people.

A significant chunk of this industry relates to the science of biology. Studying biology is a perfect way to integrate yourself into this industry.

Of course, there are plenty of other jobs that you can enjoy after studying biology as well. Many people who love the idea of studying biology underestimate the opportunities for employment that come along with it.

So what exactly can you do with a biology degree? Read on to learn all about the most important job opportunities to keep track of when you have a background in biology!

Work as an Environmental Scientist

More and more people are getting interested in the environment these days. And demand for people in this industry may continue to grow as climate change continues to be a hot-button issue. Not everybody realizes that a background in biology is a great way to end up as an environmental scientist.

On the financial side of things, you should know that environmental scientists earn generally between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. But what exactly do they do to earn that money?

Environmental scientists try to figure out ways that people and groups can reduce their production of greenhouse gases. They also focus on how we can reduce other types of pollution.

In order to do this, environmental scientists collect soil samples and analyze them. They do the same thing with air and water samples.

Sometimes, environmental scientists will also analyze environmental hazards and try to figure out if they are going to make anybody sick.

Teach Students About Biology

Working as a high school teacher to instruct students about biology does not pay quite as much as being an environmental scientist. In general, you can make close to $50,000 per year on the upper end of the pay scale as a high school biology teacher. However, some people much prefer the work that they do teaching compared to the work that an environmental scientist does out in the field.

Along with preparing lectures, as a high school teacher, you might design science experiments for your students. You can also spend time organizing field trips to help students appreciate the way that understanding of biology functions out in the real world

Work in Agriculture

There are few industries in the world as important as agriculture. Agriculture is the source of the food that we need to survive. An understanding of biology is responsible for the agricultural success that we enjoy in the modern day.

As an agricultural technician, you might make about $45,000 per year. On average your work will be to analyze soil used to grow crops. You will also analyze crops themselves and conduct experiments that will help you figure out how to protect crops.

You Can Be a Pharmacologist

It takes significantly more education in biology to be a pharmacologist. You will generally need a master’s degree or higher. However, pharmacologists make much more money.

A standard salary for a pharmacologist might be close to $125,000 per year. One of the reasons that pharmacologists make so much money is that they perform original research on drugs. This is extremely valuable because a good drug will potentially be used many times by millions of people all around the world.

This will also help you to discover any problems that may exist in drugs. You might discover that drugs that seem harmless actually cause negative side effects. In this way, you can protect people from previously unknown dangers.

Work as a Marine Biologist

You will also need a master’s degree to be a marine biologist. Marine biologists will make roughly $65,000 per year. However, many people consider marine biology to be an exciting and adventurous career.

As a marine biologist, you will catch and otherwise collect organisms from the ocean. You will study how human activities are affecting the oceans. You will also help people to understand better any new species discovered in the ocean.

Perform Original Biological Research

You will need a master’s or even a doctorate to work as a research scientist in biology. Research scientists can make around $100,000 per year. As a scientist, you will have a certain amount of control over the work that you do.

You will get to decide for yourself what papers you want to write. To write those papers, you will perform original investigations into unanswered questions in biology. You may be able to expand humanity’s knowledge about this field of science.

You’ll also probably manage and train a team of assistants. In this way, you can pass on your insights and knowledge as well.

The more you learn about the kind of careers in biology that a human biologist can get, the more you might be interested in scholarships to shorten the journey toward biology degree jobs. Finding the right scholarships for biology major students can also help you find experts to talk about careers in biology with. That is just one more way that finding a good scholarship can help you find biology jobs as quickly as possible.

Understand the Advantages of Studying Biology 

We hope that some of the ideas in this brief article about all of the job opportunities that come along with studying biology have been helpful for you.

Many people are fascinated by biology but are turned off by the myth that there is not very much that you can do with it in the employment world. The better you understand the employment options available to people with a background in biology, the better able you will be to integrate your interest in biology with your financial interests as well.

To keep up-to-date on the latest developments in business, technology, and more, take a look through our other articles!

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