How Oilfield Safety Has Improved Over the Years

Working in an oilfield is definitely a job for thrill-seekers. It’s very fast-paced, and you need to be extremely focused while performing tasks so nothing dangerous happens. However, the oilfield industry is as safe as it’s ever been. This article will examine how oilfield safety has improved over the years so you can see how things have transformed.

How It Started

Throughout the early and mid-1900s, oil was a hot commodity. Oil increased in popularity because people developed new equipment and techniques. They invented rotary rigs that made it easier to collect oil when needed. Employers also wanted staff to experiment with new drilling techniques. Yet, it’s important to note that with all of this new technology, workers’ safety fell by the wayside. People were more concerned about keeping the new equipment safe instead of the workers.

Offshore Changes

During the 1960s, the production of oil slowed down, and the need for it increased. American oilfield workers couldn’t keep up with the number of tasks. So the government decided to send oil jobs to offshore countries—the labor was cheaper, and they could keep up with demand. However, this is where workers’ safety declined even more. Why? People were encouraged to get their jobs done as quickly as possible, which led to more accidents. Things got so bad that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was created in 1971.

A Sign of Change

In March of 2005, the Texas City BP exploded. Numerous injuries and deaths occurred, and the area experienced insurmountable destruction. This explosion led to a call for change regarding workers’ safety in the oilfields. Politicians created many bureaus that were responsible for maintaining structure and safety in the oilfields. People developed new technologies as well. For example, more and more experts are emphasizing the key benefits of LED oil rig lighting. These devices are brighter, so they help prevent accidents.

This article has skillfully examined how the oil industry has improved over the years. If it weren’t for safety bureaus and people advocating for workers’ safety, things could still be in the dark ages. Luckily, the field is going in the right direction so that people can remain safe while doing their jobs.

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