How Much Does A New Fire Sprinkler System Cost For A Building?

Fire Sprinkler System Cost

A fire can do a lot of damage to the building and the cost of fixing everything will be too much to bear. Depending on the kind of building you have, you might want to look into fire suppression systems outside of fire extinguishers or alarms. 

Cost of A Fire Sprinkler System:

Estimating fire sprinkler system costs can be difficult as it depends on the size and type of fire sprinklers you install. Following are some of the common costs you can expect. 

  • For new construction projects $1 to $2 per sprinklered sq foot
  • For retrofitting existing houses and companies $2 to $7 per sprinklered sq foot
  • For retrofitting high-rise buildings $2 to $4 per sprinklered sq foot
  • For retrofitting historic buildings up to $10 per sprinklered sq foot

Elements that affect the cost:

How to calculate a fire sprinkler system cost? The following factors are a part of the fire sprinkler system.

Pipe material: When you are choosing the type of piping, plastic is the most affordable. Using plastic wherever possible will keep your costs down. In places like the garage or unfinished basement, you need more expensive copper piping, which will increase the cost.

The system features: If you have access to the municipal water supply. This will require you to install a backflow preventer, especially if your system runs on an antifreeze solution. However, if your building gets water from a private water source, your system may require a water storage tank and booster pump. 

The system design: The system design matters a lot because most standalone pipes are used by fire sprinklers. Others however are multipurpose, they combine pipes for domestic use and fire sprinklers. A standalone system costs more than a multipurpose one.

Lifetime costs: Many insurance companies offer discounts for buildings with automatic fire sprinklers. This too will be included in the savings, so you can determine the true lifetime cost of the installation.

Worth the cost?

In short, yes. The amount that goes into the fire sprinkler systems is minimal compared to the benefit this system will provide. A well-maintained fire sprinkler system will prevent damage and can limit the spread of a fire or even extinguish it fully. They protect your property and buildings with a fire sprinkler system and receive 50% less property damage in the event of a fire. 

Do these systems cause water damage?

These systems are capable of causing water damage once they are activated but the damage is far less than a fire would cause and it is easier on the pocket to repair. As soon as the heat from a fire is detected this system is activated. They however supply less water than emergency services. 

To sum it up:

Setting up a fire sprinkler system will provide a lot of benefits in the long term. The building can be severely damaged in case of a fire which will result in heavy losses. Investing in a good fire sprinkler system will ensure that in case of a fire outburst your building will be protected. The recovery costs will be way less if you have a fire sprinkler system installed. The sprinkler heads only respond to heat, so, the sprinkler will be activated only in those areas which are affected by the fire. Top construction companies always suggest their clients to have a fire suppression system in the building.

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