How Memory Care Could Help Your Loved One

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A loved one being diagnosed with cognitive impairment can be a scary thing, especially if they now need dedicated care. One of the best ways to provide care for someone with such a condition is to secure them a place in a Memory Care community. This article fundamentally explains what cognitive impairment is and why it is so beneficial for someone suffering from such a condition to be cared for in a Memory Care community.

Understanding Cognitive Impairment

The first step to understanding what your loved one is going through and how they can be best cared for is to gain a working knowledge of what cognitive impairment is. Cognitive impairment is, as the name suggests, a condition that impairs a person’s cognitive functions. This can affect a number of things, from a person’s memory to their ability to make decisions. These symptoms can be scary and frustrating for someone to deal with, especially as the very nature of cognitive impairment means they may struggle to remember aspects of their condition or important doctors’ instructions.

Cognitive impairment is, like many mental disorders, a difficult thing to fully understand and, as a result, it is hard to say for sure what causes the condition. There are studies to suggest that stress plays an integral part in the development of cognitive impairment, and, in general, experiencing stress for an extended period can accelerate the effects of cognitive aging. This is important to know, as it may help you understand why it is so important for someone suffering with cognitive impairment to remain as stress-free as possible.

Due to the nature of the condition and the difficulty of dealing with it alone, it is likely that a person suffering from cognitive impairment will require support in one way or another. When the condition is mild, it is possible for someone to get along largely without help, but for those with more severe conditions, it becomes important for dedicated care to be implemented. In fact, it is often necessary for people with particularly advanced cognitive impairment to be monitored twenty-four hours a day and for other important care measures to be implemented.

The Best Ways to Care for Someone with Cognitive Impairment

Caring for someone with Cognitive Impairment is difficult and, depending on the level of cognitive impairment they are suffering with, can often be a full-time endeavor. One of the most important things you can do for someone with this kind of condition is to ensure they avoid stress in any way possible. A good way to start is to implement a regular routine for your loved ones, which will give them a sense of familiarity and consistency in their days and help them to stay grounded. It will also give you a good way to keep on track when caring for them and will avoid the stress of trying to have them make a decision, a task that can be challenging for them as a result of their condition.

To help with their issues with memory, you should make sure you are with them as often as possible when they attend important events, like doctors’ appointments. On top of this, coping methods such as encouraging your loved one to carry a notepad with them so that they can write down things they want to remember can give them a sense of retaking their own memory. This can be helpful as it gives them a way to “remember” things without being dependent on others and could help to generally lower their stress around trying to recall information.

Finally, you should keep as consistent an eye on them as possible and keep in communication with their doctors. Cognitive impairments are tricky things, and even seemingly benign issues can turn out to be major problems if not caught early enough. Be careful not to become overzealous in your communications with the doctor, though. Rather, keep note of occurrences you have observed for their regular appointments and contact their doctor if there is something worrying you.

If this sounds like a complex and time-consuming activity that you are unsure about, then you should give serious consideration to the option of alternative care for your loved one.

The Benefits of a Memory Care Community

Moving your loved one into a dedicated care facility, such as Catalina Springs, a tucson memory care community, is one of the best ways to ensure that they have consistent access to the best quality care possible. As much as you might prefer to personally care for your loved one, you aren’t going to be able to provide consistent care without it being your sole focus and, unless you are being supported by a high-earning partner or family member, that is unlikely to be possible.

Choosing to move your loved one into a Memory Care community is a big decision, but one that has a large number of benefits. The most obvious benefit is the constant access to dedicated and knowledgeable staff who are well equipped to care for your loved one. In fact, Memory Care communities offer a number of useful and well-regimented activities, from exercise to community outings, which will provide your loved one a good routine, as well as professional help, to keep them happy and healthy. This will mean that you can keep your interactions with them as positive and loving as possible.

Moving into a Memory Care Community

It is always a big choice when you decide to move your loved one to a Memory Care community, but if you do, you should be sure to talk to your loved one as soon as possible.

It is important for you to try to help them understand why this will be a positive change for the both of you and how their new community will help and support them while allowing you both to spend more meaningful time together. This understanding is vital to your loved one’s happiness in their new home.

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