How Many Homes Are Being Gobbled Up By AI?

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Traditionally, the market for single family rentals saw most of its landlords dominated by small mom and pop investors or regional, small businesses that owned a handful or more rental homes. The average guy, gal, couple or otherwise looking to generate some income and wealth own a home or two on the side. That is still very common, but now enters a new force in the market: AI. Artificial Intelligence software is opening up big gaps for institutional investors and new, emerging companies to gobble up single family rentals at a record clip.

There are about 15 Million Single Family Home Rentals in America. Institutional Investors own only about 2% of these according to an analysis at AI is changing this however. Highly targeted and sophisticated software can mine tools such as Zillow and find opportunities to exploit for investors. These investors have big cash behind them and they get an edge in buying and flipping these homes.

Open Door Labs and Main Street Renewal are a couple of the new firms that are very strongly backed by institutional capital and gobbling up hundreds and even thousands of single family rentals every year.

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