How Do You Flip A House?

how to flip a house

What Is A FixNflip? A “FixNFlip” is a term sued to describe an investment endeavor where an entity purchases a property, spends time fixing it up, then attempts to “flip it” for a profit. The intent is to acquire a property at a depressed value and apply know how, labor, materials, and effort to improve the value of the property. Then, go sell it!

How Do You Flip A House?

There are all kinds of books, seminars, and even TV Shows that will attempt to show you how easy it is to flip a house. The fact is it is not all fun and games and it is not necessarily easy. There is a lot to learn.

One tremendous resource for helping folks learn more about flipping homes, real estate investment, and financing options is Private Lender Link. Private Lender Link, Inc. is a fabulous resource for the industry and potential investors.  

Uber And Lyft Drivers In On The Action

Even Uber and Lyft drivers are reaching for a piece of the pie. There are services employing them to do research and take photos of potential flip targets. This article in the Wall Street Journal takes a deeper look.

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