Hani Zeini explains collaboration through technology for improving production

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With the rise of the distributed workplace and global economy, firms have to ensure collaborative work seamlessly. By facilitating collaboration, you may improve employee productivity. Market surveys reveal that cooperative activities are five times more plausible to bring results of higher performance. Moreover, the collaborative work environment may lower costs, improve productivity, shorten timelines, and increase investment return. Within a complex business institute, the connection among various team members has positive implications for the environment, like promoting common goals, building relationships, and fostering shared values.

Hence, Hani Zeini provides readers with the right technological tools to ensure collaboration among different team members. When they communicate and work concurrently, it ensures cost-efficiency.

Hani Zeini shares how productivity is essential to collaborate in the digital sphere

  • The utility of collaboration technologies assists enterprises in improving their productivity. Recent surveys reveal that around 49% have experienced reduced email volumes, and 32% have experienced increased productivity. Moreover, the efforts to make way for a smart meeting room have helped unions improve business processes. When they plan to invest in user-friendly solutions, they stand the chance of gaining success in the long run.
  • Those establishments that allow their team members to communicate across various departments help minimize friction. For building a customer-centric association, it is essential to focus on efforts and time simultaneously. Any delay in business processes may hamper the reputation of the Institute. Therefore, try to use various technological tools for effective communication. 
  • When an institute makes efforts to improve customer experience, they make efforts to connect their customers with the correct team member for reducing the resources and time required for customer care. Hence, fewer employees may provide the relevant service to more and more customers without compromising quality.
  • Along with internal collaboration, external collaboration is equally as crucial. External communication helps in enhancing the vendor supplier relationship and also lowers friction in the production process. In the long run, it helps in reducing operating costs and thereby increases cost efficiency.
  • Along with making provisions for streamlining workflows, Hani Zeini believes that the Institute has to improve its communication departments through the latest technologies. The different departments like sales, manufacturing, marketing, and procurement need to work together to ensure a common goal.
  • The teams have to make efforts to promote problem-solving, especially in the case of remote workers. When the entrepreneur allows employees to discuss, meet, and take decisions with accuracy and agility, it streamlines the production process. Moreover, they have to eliminate vision control, which is the main reason for errors, delays, and inefficiencies. The market has a variety of tech-savvy tools to ensure you re-check mistakes. 
  • Every entrepreneur must encourage technological innovation that would provide the much needed impetuous to business ventures. Thus, they have to encourage their employees to develop creative ideas by providing them with an eating environment.

It comes without saying that collaborative technologies help in stimulating the execution of a particular project. They facilitate project management by increasing visibility and transparency through technological tools to share information on programs, policies, and promotions.

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