Get Noticed: 3 Ways To Gain Artist Exposure

Get Noticed: 3 Ways To Gain Artist Exposure

Conveying creativity and expression through art is fulfilling. As the stroke of your brush moves across the canvas, you’re a step closer to creating powerful imagery that people can resonate with and appreciate.

To gain exposure, you want to ensure your art attracts the right audience’s attention. But how does your art get noticed? In this article, you’ll learn three ways to gain artist exposure so people can discover your work and you can grow your business.

Create an Online Portfolio

Establishing an online portfolio is one of the most effective ways to gain exposure. Online portfolios allow you to publish your work exclusively and create an official home for your pieces.

Remember to publish your favorite and most impactful work; these works will set the tone of your business and reflect who you are as a professional. It’s best to include sections, an “About Me,” and a contact page to appear personable to your audience.

Post on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that can place your work in front of a targeted audience at any time. People spend a good portion of their days on their smartphones. They follow plenty of brands and businesses that align with their lifestyles.

You can promote your art on social media by taking clear photos of your work, and posting them online. You’ll want to incorporate trademarks onto your pictures. Your trademark, logo, and other identifying illustrations will be part of your new brand.

Join Communities and Forums

Being a part of an online artist community can benefit your artwork from a marketing standpoint. You can meet others who share the same passion, discover the latest news in the industry, and learn about ongoing exhibitions in your area.

When choosing a forum, consider a community that allows free discussion and exchange of different areas while respecting one another. By engaging with your group, you may gain maximum exposure and receive an invitation or two to different exhibitions.

Despite what most may say, a successful art career is 30 percent creativity and 70 percent business. While many artists have the vision, some don’t know how to jumpstart their careers in the industry. You can gain artist exposure in these three ways so you can succeed in your passion.

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