A Brief History of Velvet: Where Did It Originate From?

A Brief History of Velvet: Where Did It Originate From?

There are many different forms and types of fabrics, each with its own unique feeling and texture. However, some fabrics seem to stand out even more, partly due to their aesthetic and the kind of feel they give to the person working with the material. Velvet is one of those materials, and it will continue to remain a distinctive material in the near future. Read on for a brief history of velvet and its varied origins.

Historical Origins

In media, velvet is often associated with royalty and the finer things in life, which holds somewhat true with its real use. As far back as 2000 BC, people in Egypt made velvet, but because the technique was so complicated, you could typically only find royalty and wealthy individuals wearing the material. In this period, craftspeople were weaving velvet from silk and linen, but the use of velvet did not take off until the Renaissance. From there, Europeans began trading it along the Silk Road, and different countries used the material for high-end furniture, clothing, and other forms of decoration. During this period, it was still primarily used by those with the resources to purchase the valuable material.

Widespread Use

Following the Industrial Revolution, more and more textiles and fabrics were becoming simplified, or at least their manufacturing processes were. This innovation meant that the fabric was much more widely available. You could find velvet almost everywhere, ranging from fancier chaise lounges and dining chairs to evening gowns and suits. It was a common item, and in the 1970s, many celebrities and designers were taking the material to the next level, making everything velvet, including furniture and clothes.

The Present and Future

After understanding the history of velvet and where it came from, it’s important to look and how people are using it today and what it will look like in the future. You should know about the upholstery fabric trends of 2022, most notably that soft and cozy fabrics like velvet are definitely “in.” The world of textiles is incredibly vast, but more and more people are turning towards softer and cozier fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. In previous generations, there’s been a greater emphasis on looks more than texture, but you will see that drift towards more functional and comfortable fabrics like velvet in the next few decades.

Velvet’s origin and history are incredibly rich and will continue to transform the world of textiles and fabrics in the future as well. This woven, tufted fabric looks regal and fancy, while also serving as something familiar and comforting. It is truly a diverse material that people have used for many different things in the last few thousand years.

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