Get a Little Boost: 3 Supplements Shown to Improve Fitness and Health

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Working out to get in shape is part motivation and part proper diet. But you can also give yourself a boost by taking the right supplements and vitamins.

The National Institute of Health lists several different supplements that can help with inflammation and muscle-building. 

The following are just a few of the more common essential workout supplements that you can choose from to upgrade your time in the gym. 

Essential Workout Supplements 

Always talk to a doctor before taking a supplement, especially if you are already on medication. There may be interactions that you need to be aware of, or which may prevent certain supplements from working for you. 

1. Creatine

You’ve probably heard of creatine before, as it is one of the most common workout supplements. It is a protein that your body naturally produces when you work out and is a key component in muscle-building. 

Taking creatine before a workout session can give you more energy in short spurts, making it ideal for interval training or intense workouts. It can increase your overall stamina, making you last longer and helping build larger muscles. 

For creatine to have a large effect, it needs to build up in your body. This means that you’ll have to take it regularly over a longer period for that store to accumulate. Creatine is available in a powder and can be easily added to protein shakes. 

2. Kratom

Kratom is a focus-booster that operates with minor stimulant effects. It’s like caffeine, in that it will give you more energy and alertness. This can help you last longer in the gym and push yourself to go that extra mile.

Kratom comes from a tree that grows in Southeast Asia. You can easily buy Kratom online and get started upgrading your workouts today. It’s usually either sold as a pill or as a tea. 

3. Melatonin

Unlike the other two supplements, which are best taken as a pre-workout and give you more energy, melatonin should be taken at night before bed. Like creatine, it is a chemical that your body naturally produces to sleep.

Melatonin can help you get better sleep if you have insomnia or wake up during the middle of the night. By increasing the amount of REM sleep that you get, melatonin can help you wake up with more energy — and then head to the gym with a clear head and energy to burn. 

Melatonin can also help you fall asleep if you like to work out at night since higher adrenaline levels can make it harder to fall asleep.

Do Your Research

No supplement is a wonder drug, and you’ll have to do your research into workout regimes and eating properly in order to gain muscle and lose weight. However, essential workout supplements can get you to where you want to be faster by improving the intensity with which you can attack your workout. 

For more information about improving your health and fitness, check out the nutrition section of our website.

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