5 Random Facts About Menorca You Probably Didn’t Know

facts about menorca

Menorca island is a popular tourist destination. But, how many of the people who arrive each year for vacations know much about the island?

You have probably enjoyed sipping the wonderful gin and tonics. Yet there is much more to this place than fancy drinks.

Check out these 5 random facts about Menorca you probably have never heard before. Let’s go!

1. Mayonnaise Was Invented Here

Everyone likes mayonnaise, right? But, have you ever wondered why mayonnaise is called mayonnaise

Menorca’s capital is called Mahon, which is only one letter away from the ‘mayon’ in mayonnaise.

During the occupation of the island by the French in the 1700s, the condiment was taken back to Paris to celebrate the victory.

The eggy dip has since become a world-famous sauce. You’ll never choose mayo over ketchup without thinking again.

2. The Sun Rises Before Anywhere Else in Spain

The people of Menorca are known as Menorquins. They are proud of their strong cultural identity. Yet, they’re happy to be part of Spain

There are many beautiful spots to enjoy the sunrise in Spain. But, if you want to be the first to catch a glimpse of the sunrise, Menorca is your place.

The island provides visitors with an incredible experience of watching the sunrise over the Mediterranean. Your Instagram snaps will be incredible!

3. More Beaches Than Mallorca and Ibiza Combined

Do you want to witness some of the best sandy beaches in Spain? Ibiza and Mallorca have many choices. But, Menorca has a much longer coastline than many of the most popular spots.

The island has over 137 miles of coastline and more than 110 miles of it is the beach. That’s a lot of places to enjoy the sunshine on your lounger. Together, Ibiza and Mallorca have fewer beaches than Menorca by itself.

4. Oldest Building With a Roof in Europe

There are numerous tourist landmarks which are highly recommended. However, few people realize the amazing historical legacy of the island. 

In the Western part of the island, you’ll discover the Naveta of Es Tudons. This is a megalithic chamber tomb. Thought to be from 750 BC, it is actually the oldest roofed building in Europe. 

If you want to discover more buildings in Menorca, there are also plenty of charming and beautiful villas for sale.

5. Menorca is an Anagram of Romance.

If you want to enjoy a romantic vacation in Europe, then you may consider Paris or Venice. Yet, if you look a little closer at the letters of Menorca, you may think twice.

Menorca is an anagram of the word “romance” as well. You shouldn’t need to hear anything else to convince you that this is the destination for your honeymoon.

More Random Facts

Now you can impress people with strange stats and random facts about Menorca. There is much more to this island than you think. 

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