Fujitsu Has a 1 Million Qubit Digital Quantum Annealing System in the Lab and 8192 Qubits Commercially Available

what is quantum annealing

Interesting Facts About Quantum Annealing

It’s challenging to keep up with all of the advances in technology throughout the world. So, we have quantum computing and AI or artificial intelligence. We also have robots in law enforcement and retail and beyond and 4K HDR to help us spend time watching anything on a screen, and don’t forget about deep learning. Then there’s Bitcoin and upending the financial system.

Enter quantum annealing. What is quantum annealing? has more below, but quantum annealing and the Digital Annealer developed by Fujitsu goes beyond quantum computing and does not need an extremely low temperature environment.

0 Fujitsu has a Digital Annealer with 8192 Qubits and a 1 million qubit system in the lab. David Worral, Head of Quantum Technologies at Cambridge Quantum Computing, indicated that Fujitsu has a 1 million qubit quantum annealing system in a lab at the University of Toronto. Fujitsu has […]

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