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Perfect Bikni

For a good beach day, everything should be perfect. The sun, water, entertainment plans, the food and even the clothes. One should be free and comfortable in whatever they wear to be in the moment fully. For women, this moment can be achieved only through the perfect pair of bikinis.

Looking for the perfect fit in bikinis can be tiresome if people don’t know what they are looking for. It can be even frustrating if the buyer has faced disappointment in their number of tries. Having an experienced team with knowledge in finding the apt bikini tops can be a luxury for everybody. That is why this blog should never be missed.


One crucial thing to remember before purchasing any cloth is that every person’s body is unique in terms of shape and size. The coverage and support required by people are also different. Once this is clear, a lot of time can be saved. 

If a person has a bigger bust and a smaller waist, they should go one size higher. Adjustable and tie backs can be preferred in such a case. For those with a smaller bust but want some lift tops with booster pads can be helpful. Bra styles that flatter the breast and give it shape and definition also work in such a case.

Follow the Different Styles According to Different Cup Sizes Here:

For A to D cups

  • Bandeau

Even though they come along with the strap for that extra support, a bandeau is usually worn strapless. Due to this tendency, their cup range is limited for A to d due to the limited support they are inclined to offer. 

  • Fixed Triangle or Triangle  

This style gives limited coverage and support and is a very easy and versatile fit to wear. People with cup sizes of A-D can go for this as they upsize the breasts. Since they do not need a lot of support, it is the perfect preference. Moreover, fixed triangle bikini tops don’t slide down during swimming and give the perfect limited coverage and versatility.

They are best suited for all-day wear, as they are supported over the shoulder. They can also be paired with a high waisted short for a casual look. 

  • Balconette Bra

They are also popular among smaller busts, as they have a very flattening curve that gives a good shape. Moreover, they are made in such a way to suit an all-day wear purpose. It is best suited for cup sizes ranging from A to D, and anything larger can look like bulges from the sides and the tops.

For C to E cups

  • Halter

It is best for cup sizes ranging from C to E as they are wide and have a very soft and adjustable tie back. This is very effective for upsizing, and those with a larger bust and a smaller waist can be the most comfortable in it. 

  • Bra/Bralette

They are inclusive of all cup sizes ranging from A to E. However, the wiring in it matters as those with wires are best worn by the C or D cups as they offer support and come with removable padding. Those without wiring are good for A to C cups. However, a bralette is best for those with larger cup sizes, as they offer a lift with support for coverage. 

  •  Singlet/Tankini

They come in the style of bikini tops and offer the best support with that extra bit of fabric. They give that comfort and greater fit, and it makes it perfect to be that all-day wear on a beach. The ruching in the front of a tankini offers that flattering tummy control and that extra stretch. 

Bigger Sizes

For those with bigger cup sizes other than those mentioned, go for brands or styles that provide adjustable backs to provide more coverage and support. Always look for adjustability in those DD+ sixes and the wiring for support.  

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