Facts About Men’s Fashion: 5 Tips For Men

facts about mens fashion

Looking sharp is not only about wearing suitable attire; it is also about talking smart and confident. Self-grooming and mannerisms are skills to learn and improve as you go up the life ladder. You need to improvise on outfits, personality, behavior, and attitude for a better and more handsome you.

Though fashion and bespoke grooming can significantly boost self-confidence and productivity, they develop with time and personal interest. Here are five tips to make the urban males look their dapper best.

1.   Follow a good skincare schedule.

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Tiring work shifts can dehydrate your skin, causing under-eye circles and demotivation. Invest in a healthy skincare routine to make your skin look fresh. Cleanse your face in the morning and before bedtime with a face cleanser suitable to your skin type. Adopt face scrub and mask treatment midweek to help your face look healthy. Use home remedies as a follow-up to your main skincare. Take a beard kit for your city and country travel. Your skin health is your first interface with the world, so make sure it stays healthy, irrespective of season change.

2.   Be open to colors.

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Men have many color options in casual and formalwear. Most men prefer not to look beyond conventional navy and grey in suits. Pink menswear may look outrageous to senior citizens, but it is enjoying recognition from the young corporates. A pink tie and brown jacket, and similar other contrasting colors are drawing men’s focus. Consider bold fashion pairing for your everyday dressing and moments.

3.   Customize your watch to the occasion.

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A watch is more than a time-teller. It speaks about your personality and taste for the good things in life. When shopping for a good quality watch, check its aesthetics and function. Put on a sports watch when you feel like traveling to the hills. For your high-level meetings, a chronograph could win others’ attention. The minutes and seconds are the same, their presentation matters.      

4.   Devote attention to shoe color and craft.

Shoes are the first thing that draws attention in a man. A lace shoe for corporates differs from a loafer. Explore simple designs, colors, and patterns for your office walk. Anything flashy or over-elaborate in a shoe may look odd. The shape of your shoe pair also conveys your preferences. Shoes with pointy or square toes may look impractical, so weigh all your options before choosing a shoe pair.

5.   Be conscious of your accessories.

Ties, cufflinks, and other male fashion accessories bring individuality to your dressing sense. Avoid wearing flashy accessories to complete your dressing. Follow harmony and simplicity for better impact and appreciation. Also when you are playing golf Men’s Golf Clothing is really important so, prefer the best golf fashion clothes to look cool in the yard.

The Bottom Line

Dress appropriately to the mood. Whether it is a formal dinner or a pub rendezvous, pay attention to your choice of clothes and fitting, wear classics more, monitor trends, and know when to break the outfit rules.

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