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Every retailer knows that packaging plays an imperative role in protecting your product as well as making it appealing to the customers. The vape market, which has been among the rising trends, also requires packaging that coherently speaks about their quality and flavorsome products. Being in the trends obviously means that the demand for that product is too high. A hot-selling product also requires a face that persuades its user efficiently. It all can be done by following various aspects, like customization, etc., to acquire a market place as much as possible. Your custom Rigid boxes are the magic tool that you can use to enchant your customers.

We will talk about the features you should focus on to enhance your vape cartridge business


You must have seen many brands going with slogans such as ‘quality matters,’ and there is a reason why quality acts as your assistant managing everything for you. A poor-quality box will never serve its purpose and shoo away your consumers in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but it will also damage your item during shipment or decrease its shelf life with no protection against hampering factors, such as humidity or aridity, etc. 

That is why you should opt for robust and durable boxes. Impressionville’s wholesale vape cartridge packaging might be something you need if you are looking to secure your products and grow your business flawlessly. 


The best thing about custom packaging is that it is to you what a canvas is to a painter. It gives you the liberty to design it the way you want. If you are not satisfied with a readymade design, which is going against your brand’s theme, you can explore different templates or pitch an idea to the printer to turn your imagination into reality. 

Your vape cartridges can be formed in any shape you want, be it a circle, square or rectangular, etc. You can have them prepared in sizes according to your products. 

Similarly, you can also explore a variety of colors and choose one as per your product or brand’s theme. Colors are a melody to the packaging. You can compose a symphony with the right shades. To make it even more beautiful, you can use add-ons like ribbons and bows. 

Companies like Impressionville craft them in a manner that they hold your vape pen tightly and do not let it slip or face any adverse effect during shipment. It minimizes the loss risk by a considerate amount. You can use different papers, such as Kraft or corrugated, to give it eco-friendly and multilayered protection, respectively. The flutes between corrugated paper increase the strength of the packaging. 


We have mentioned earlier how good these Rigid boxes are for your vape cartridges, but even dedicating a whole paragraph to it would not be enough. Rigid boxes are hard, thick, and can carry more weight than standard packaging. They are thrice or even more times thicker and will prevent any breakage upon falling or collapsing accidents. These can also be customized the way you want. You can use them for branding to max out your sales in less time. 


Let’s suppose you have a magnificent product, the best color scheme, great material, and everything you need in it, but what if it does not speak about your business? What if it does not have your company’s name and logo on it? What if it does not compliment your theme and vision? It will flush down all the effort in the gutter. In order to succeed, you have to promote your business through your packaging. It becomes a symbol of your company once it is designed with proper artwork, name, and logo, etc. You can print greetings or catchy quotes on them and mention your vape cartridge’s ingredients and flavors to make the shopping an easier process for customers. Create a positive image with positive printing. 


You can be innovative with your packaging styles. You can opt for two-piece packaging to pack your vape’s parts separately to give it a different look. It is easy to handle and carry and can be easily opened by just opening the top lip without damaging the item. 

You can also window die-cut packaging as it gives a state-of-the-art appearance. It provides a view of the product packed inside without opening the seal. Window die-cut boxes are used to multiply the beauty of your commodities. 

These are the reasons and tips that add to enhancing your vape business efficiently. From the customization to the material, everything has its own role in making your product a hit. The packaging is as important as your product and you should never ignore it if you want to pull in customers in a massive number

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