Elderly Individuals: 9 Interesting Facts About Aging

facts about aging

Aging can definitely be a scary thing, but there’s a reason why they’re called your Golden Years.

There’s a lot of stats and facts out there that may not paint a pretty picture for the 65+ crowd, but trust us there are plenty of perks! We’ll walk you through all the great facts about aging below to prove just how cool aging can be!

1. Best Facts About Aging? Less Stress!

Work deadlines? Money problems? Not for you! 

Studies have shown that the population over 65 years old is the least stressed demographic around. This could be because life tends to slow down and seniors are able to take the time to smell the roses at their own leisurely pace. 

2. Early Bird Gets The Worm

Continuing with your facts about aging, did you know sleep patterns change with age? Most aging individuals reports that they’ve gone from being night owls to early morning risers seemingly overnight. 

Seniors tend to feel more rested earlier in the day versus in the evenings. This just means getting to the deals in stores earlier than more people!

3. Living Longer Than Ever Before

With the increase in technology, medicine, and science, our population is able to live longer than ever before in recorded history with no indication of slowing down.

The average lifespan as of 2017 was 82.25 and increased to 82.52 in 2020, one of the best facts about aging. 

4. Hold The Most Voting Power

With the next US election coming up, did you know the 60+ crowd holds the largest voting power? This means now more than ever in your lifetime, does your vote mean the most it ever has been.

Your demographic alone has the power to pick the next leader.

5. Happiest Age Demographic

Whether you’re in the 60+ crowd currently, or you’re a child of one looking up care options for elderly parents, you’ll be happy to know that studies have shown that this age demographic is the happiest time of your life?

No wonder! With less stress, what’s there to be unhappy about? 

6. Let’s Get It On

Speaking of getting happy, most people think that the 60+ crowd spells doom for your sex life but that’s completely untrue!

Reports indicate that sexual satisfaction increases dramatically with age, with your peak satisfaction period being in the 60+ age group. Maybe that’s why seniors are so happy?

7. Sweat? No Problem!

Sweat can be an annoying part for quite a few people. The good news? Your sweat glands shrink with age meaning no more sweat stains on your favorite shirts!

8. Use To Suffer From Migraines? Not Anymore

If you’re someone who suffers from migraines, we have some good news for you. The older you get the least likely you are to suffer from migraines.

9. A Natural Mediator

Due to being happier and less stressed, seniors are able to be great mediators by reading the room a lot better, offering compromises, and listening to both sides to diffuse situations.

Awesome Facts About Aging

Most facts about aging can seem a bit depressing and negative, but they don’t have to be! There’s quite a lot of positives when it comes to aging other than senior discounts. We hope this shined a light on the great aspects of aging.

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