Different Types of Sheet Metal Machinery and Their Uses

Different Types of Sheet Metal Machinery and Their Uses

A sheet metal machine fabricates and shapes metal into many different forms. These machines help to easily, quickly, and precisely form hard pieces of metal to the desired shape using the power of pneumatics and gearing. As one can imagine, there are many machines suited for different jobs and tasks. Here are the different types of sheet metal machinery and their uses.

Power Press

The power press is one of the more utilized tools in the metal fabrication workshop. Most commonly used in industrial applications that require immense pressure for cutting, bending, pressing, and forming sheet metal, these machines are beneficial in almost all applications of the fabrication process. They are categorized as C-type power presses and are versatile tools in any metalworking operation.

Arbor Press

An arbor press is a small press that you typically operate by hand. People use it for the precision insertion of pieces of metal and the general riveting process. You’ll often find these in automobile workshops and other general engineering units and metal applications. Because of the handheld nature of this machinery, it is best suited for light engineering jobs.

Bending Roller Machine

A bending roller machine is a sheet metal machine that utilizes rollers to bend straight sheet metal into various widths of rolled sheet metal. In most cases, these bending rollers are crafted to specific requirements by the client. However, some higher-end industrial models are adjustable.

Swaging Machine

A swaging machine helps modify the dimensions of plain or cylindrical metal sheets. In most cases, universal and deep throat swaging units help to alter the shape and size of sheet metal into loops and ridges.

Sheet metal machines are essential to fabricating and shaping metal into many useful forms. For this reason, it is important to know the different types of sheet metal machinery and their uses in the metal fabrication shop. Knowing their purposes will allow you to efficiently and quickly form any sheet metal to your required specifications.

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