Different Kinds of Natural Disasters That Hit Florida

Different Kinds of Natural Disasters That Hit Florida

Natural disasters can happen anywhere in the world, but they don’t happen equally in every area. Every place suffers from different natural disasters due to the surrounding environment, which is why it’s important to know the potential dangers of an area you’re going to live in or visit. One place that sees many visitors and natural disasters is Florida, so here are the different kinds of natural disasters that hit Florida.


Possibly the most destructive of natural disasters, hurricanes are large storms that form funnel clouds stretching from the sky to the ground. The storm brings high-speed winds capable of ripping apart whole buildings along with massive rainfall. These storms can destroy entire cities and travel miles onto the shore. Luckily, people are constantly on the watch for them and give warnings whenever one is approaching the shore.

Tropical Storms

A tropical storm is a powerful storm that comes off the sea. Not every tropical storm has a hurricane, but they can still be dangerous with their intense rainfall and winds. The biggest issue with tropical storms is their potential to become hurricanes.


Tornadoes are storms that are similar to hurricanes but with a lot less strength and size. A hurricane can last for days, damaging a wide area and traveling for miles. A tornado usually lasts only a few minutes and affects a much smaller area. They can form sporadically, but there’s usually a warning before a tornado does touch the ground.


A massive problem in Florida is the wildfires that spring up periodically. Between the high heat in summer and the frequent thunderstorms, wildfires are a consistent problem that anyone should watch out for when in Florida.


Along with the numerous tropical storms comes the risk of widespread flooding. Most of Florida sits near sea level, exacerbating the problem and making it easier to flood. Floods can cause serious property damage and life-threatening situations for people in the area.

These different kinds of natural disasters that hit Florida may seem like a massive deterrent for anyone looking to visit, but emergency response teams and warning systems make it relatively safe. Plus, locals know many tricks to properly prepare their homes and pool enclosures for hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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