Common Golf Cart Problems & How To Troubleshoot Them

Common Golf Cart Problems & How To Troubleshoot Them

Golf carts are a great asset when traveling, hosting an event, or needing an excuse to drive around your neighborhood. However, golf carts aren’t a perfect vehicle, as they have problems just like every other form of transportation. Here’s a list of the three most common golf cart problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Battery Issues

With an electric vehicle, there will likely be battery issues. If you try to start the engine and nothing happens, that’s the first sign there’s a problem with your battery. If you’ve had the golf cart for a long time or bought a used one from someone, the battery might’ve aged out; that means it’s time for a replacement.

However, there’s a way to help get the battery up and working again. A golf cart needs water to run, so when filling the tank, ensure there’s enough to cover the conductive plates. Don’t overfill it. Also, you can add electrolytes to the battery. When handling this material, it’s essential to wear gloves and protective eyewear to avoid getting the contents in your eyes. Finally, it’s crucial to maintain the golf cart’s batteries to improve optimization.

Motor Issues

If you’re still experiencing issues, the next thing to check is the motor. At times, the simplest solution could be to push the reset button to get the engine running again. However, if the red button doesn’t do anything, try replacing the battery.

If those two steps don’t work, the motor’s most likely burnt out. Motor burnout happens when there’s too much weight carried or not enough traction.

Faulty Direction Switch

No matter how often you reverse and move forward, the direction switch receives more impact than you’d think. If the problem is persistent, have a professional look at and fix your golf cart. Taking your cart to an expert is also essential if you have a used golf cart or drive it often.

The more problems you see on your golf cart, the more likely it is you need to take it in so that a professional can inspect it and repair it. The most common golf cart problems and how to troubleshoot them can help you understand how to maintain your golf cart better and what signs to look for in the future. ALso, you can consider trackman golf equipment to make your golfing skills better.

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